Why You Need to Implement Cove Lighting into Your San Marcos, CA Home

Why You Need to Implement Cove Lighting into Your San Marcos, CA Home

Did you know that having the right lighting in your home can decrease depression, increase productivity, and improve your energy and mood? If you’re revamping your interior lighting design in your San Marcos home, one lighting feature you need to consider is cove lighting.  

Cove lighting can help you pull your home together and create a space you’ll love for years to come. Let’s go over some of the ways you can incorporate cove lighting into your home.  

What is Cove Lighting?  

Cove lighting gets built into ledges, valances, recesses, or high on the walls in a room. It’s an indirect form of lighting where light gets directed up towards the ceiling and then down an adjacent wall. 

You can use cove lighting as a primary source of light. However, another great way to use it is as an aesthetic accent. LED cove lighting is excellent because you can often choose the color to create a unique lighting design for your San Marcos home.  

Benefits of Cove Lighting 

Cove lighting is excellent for commercial spaces and galleries to create a background mood. However, your home lighting design plan can benefit from cove lighting too. 

There are a few key benefits that make this lighting essential.  

Energy Efficiency 

Cove lights emit light in all directions. Because of this, they can light a room more effectively, while being energy efficient.  

Energy-efficient lighting can help reduce the cost of the electricity bill in your home in San Marcos. It can also help with promoting cleaner air. By consuming less electricity, you can reduce harmful emissions that result from power generation.  

Improved Productivity 

With more people working from home, creating a space where you can be productive is imperative. Research has shown that workers are more productive in well-lit spaces.  

However, there’s a caveat. You don’t just need your space to be well lit. You also need the right lighting.  

The wrong colors or lights that are too bright will have the opposite effect. For example, warmer yellow or orange lights are great for a space you can relax in. However, you need a cooler blue or white light for work.  

Cove lighting can come in different colors.  You can use them to brighten up your space so you can focus.  

Aesthetic Appeal 

Cove lighting can create an aesthetically appealing space. You can find these lights in different shapes, sizes and colors to create an aesthetic that works for your room.  

You can also use these lights to create a focal point, which helps with that aesthetic appeal.  


Cove lighting is versatile because there are so many colors, shapes, and size options. It can be used in homes, offices and stores.  

You can work with your local San Marcos area lighting company to create an interior lighting design that matches the room’s function. For example, using cove lighting in a den can create a warm and inviting space that’s easy to relax in.  

Cove lighting in a home office can ensure the room is well lit with the right colors to promote focus and productivity.  

How to Use Cove Lighting in Your Interior Lighting Design 

Understanding how to use cove lighting for your interior design isn’t always easy. Cove lighting is versatile, and is top among the many reasons you should use it. Understanding the different types of cove lighting will help you decide how you want to utilize them. 

Fluorescent Cove Lights 

Fluorescent lights are energy-efficient and cost-effective. The light from these tends to be brighter and harsher, so they could impact your eyes.  

However, they would provide a well-lit atmosphere with various color temperatures available.  

Linear Cove Lights 

Linear cove lights are great for illuminating bars, counters, kitchen islands, and other areas where you need light to complete tasks. These lights cost more than fluorescent; however, they’re low voltage.  

They create an effect in rooms that’s aesthetically pleasing while providing great function.  

LED Cove Lights 

LED cove lights come in a range of colors which helps create different effects. The color of lights can impact your circadian rhythm.  

Blue and white lights can make it challenging to fall asleep and stay asleep, but being exposed to white light throughout the day can boost your mood and alertness.  

Red light doesn’t affect your circadian clock, and yellow or orange has minimal effect. What does this mean for your San Marcos home?  

Red, yellow and orange are great colors to use in your bedroom. You can read and relax without worrying about your sleep quality. However, you should stick to leaving blue and white in areas of your home that you don’t sleep in.  

For example, white light would be great for a home office.  

LED lights are also an excellent option because they can be used for extended periods without replacing them. The downside is that they are the most expensive option.  

Ceiling Cove Lights 

Ceiling cove lights get installed under a trim or lip on your wall. These lights face up and shine directly on the ceiling. You can use these lights around the entire ceiling or choose accent areas.  

Bright light from the bulbs will make your ceiling the primary light source. Where you install the lights will create different effects.  

For example, when you light the walls from a cove at the edge of the ceiling, the room looks bigger and warmer. On the other hand, if you light the ceiling from the top of a wall, your room will take on a formal and quiet aesthetic.  

Wall Cove Lights 

Wall cove lights are great for creating accent lights. These lights get installed under a wall trim,  face down and shine on a wall.  

Typically, the lights would be too hard on the eyes when faced downwards. This is why using these as an accent is an excellent choice. You can draw attention to artwork or another feature in your home using wall cove lights.  

Elevate the Interior Lighting Design in Your San Marcos Home with Cove Lights 

One of the reasons that cove lights are so great for your interior lighting design is that they are very versatile. You can create many different atmospheres in your San Marcos home based on the lighting you choose.  

Are you ready to install cove lights and create the aesthetic you want? Contact us today to schedule a complimentary consultation for your home.  


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