The Best Kids’ Bedroom Lighting Ideas for Your Home

The Best Kids’ Bedroom Lighting Ideas for Your Home

Americans spent about $340 billion total on home remodeling in 2018. If you’re planning on making a few updates to your San Diego area home, you might want to break larger projects into smaller, more affordable ones. For example, you might consider taking on your child’s bedroom this year.

A well-lit bedroom is essential. In addition to offering functionality, the right lighting can make a room feel warm, inviting, and homey.

With these kids’ room lighting ideas, you can brighten your children’s bedroom and liven up their environment.


Stay on Track

Track lighting and flush mounts are both unobtrusive. For younger children it helps to have a light that won’t get in the way of playtime. These options will keep the lighting in the background, providing your child with a safe, vibrant space.

Younger children are bound to have accidents. There’s a chance they’ll roughhouse with their toys, toss a ball around or race around the room.

Light fixtures that hang from the ceiling are ideal for your adventurous, younger child. Try looking into a modern track lighting fixture, though basic flush mount fixtures work, too. If you want to add a more playful touch for your younger child, try a curved track.

The track lighting’s directionality is perfect when you want to focus the light on different areas of your child’s room. For example, you can point a light toward their desk when it’s time to study, or one near a bookshelf for reading time.

Pro Tip: The Rule of Three

Try utilizing the rule of three as you explore these kids’ room lighting ideas. Using a track with three lights will allow you to brighten three different points in your child’s room.

For an extra touch of flair, consider finding stencils to place in front of one of the lights. When the light is turned on, the stencil will cast fun shadows against your child’s walls. This is ideal for younger children who want something fun, decorative, but still practical for their room’s lighting.

Floor Lamps

It can cost $233,610 to raise a child. With all that money you’re putting into their future you want to make sure they have plenty of bright light. Otherwise, they might develop eye problems as they grow older (leading to additional medical bills).

If you’re not worried about keeping your lighting fixtures out of the way, consider floor lamps instead. While more obtrusive than a flush mount fixture or track lighting, these lamps can add amazing style to any bedroom.

Choose a floor lamp that’s lightweight and break-resistant. You might want to consider a resilient drum shade, which is easier to move from one corner of the room to another. Even if you knock it over, it will likely withstand the crash.

Look for fun designs and playful colors that work well with the rest of your child’s decor.

Pro Tip: Bare Bulbs

If lampshades look too bulky in your child’s smaller bedroom, explore kids’ bedroom lighting ideas that utilize bare bulbs. Bare bulbs are ideal for darker spaces that require additional light. If your child’s room doesn’t gain much sunlight during the day, try this option.

One issue with bare bulbs, however, is that high-output LED lamps aren’t very attractive. The pretty, filament ones don’t offer much light. You’ll want to find the perfect balance for your child’s needs and room.

Consider complementing your bare filament bulbs with LED spots. These two different kids’ room lighting options can add depth to your child’s bedroom.

Table and Desk Lights

Remember the rule of three? If you’ve added a floor lamp to your child’s room, consider adding one to their nightstand and desk, as well. Kids’ bedroom lighting, like directional lamps, can help offer light when your child needs it most.

A directional desk lamp offers sturdy light. Light track lighting, allows you to adjust the lamp as needed when your child wants to read, study, or draw at their desk.

Pro Tip: Follow the Theme

Does your child’s room have a specific theme? If so, look for kids’ bedroom lighting ideas that complement the theme. For example, if your child has a nautical theme in their room, try adding lights that look like the portholes of a ship.

Don’t forget to look for areas in your child’s room that seem the darkest. Then use the rule of three to make sure they have enough lighting in each focused space.

Chandelier and Pendant Fixtures

Usually pendant fixtures and hanging chandeliers aren’t ideal for children’s rooms. These lights are easier to break, especially if your child is active and playful. However, this lighting option is great if your child is a little older and mature.

An elegant pendant or chandelier can add a touch of personality to your daughter’s room. You might also want to look for an option that includes a drum shade. These shades protect the light fixtures in case they get hit with a flying toy.

Pro Tip: Consider Their Age

As you use these kids’ bedroom lighting ideas, be sure to consider each option based on the age of your child.

Try thinking beyond the function of lights. A teenage girl might like teardrop lights that hang over each side of her desk. These lights are interesting, fun, and can add a hint of whimsy to your growing daughter’s room.

Paper Lanterns

Paper lanterns are fun, creative, and ageless. If your younger child wants lighting that appeals to their imagination, this is the way to go. If your child doesn’t like the traditional globe shape, you can also look for creatively shaped lanterns.

These lights add a hint of exploration, whimsy and adventure to your child’s room. They’re also available in an array of fun colors.

Pro Tip: Accent the Architecture

If you’re looking for an option that matches a room’s natural architecture, try underpinning decorative lights with architectural lighting. You can also add fun, decorative lighting pieces throughout the room, such as strands of tealights that frame the window.

Kids’ Room Lighting Ideas for a Brighter Space

Ready to light up your child’s bedroom? With these fun kids’ room lighting ideas you have plenty of options to try for yourself.

Mix and match these ideas to find the kids’ room lighting scenario that fits your needs.

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