Spruce Up Your Dark Interior

Spruce Up Your Dark Interior

When moving into a new space it can sometimes be a challenge to figure out how to brighten a dark room. This is especially apparent if the room doesn’t have many windows or some access to the sunlight, we enjoy most of the year here in the San Diego area. Luckily there are several home decorating hacks that you can do to brighten up a dark room.
Getting the light level just right in your space may appear challenging, but it can also be a lot of fun. It’s also a skill that anyone who works in interior design needs to have. So, if you’ve got a dark room that could use some sprucing up, here are some cool ways to go about doing it.


Candles, Fairy Lights and Other Ambient Light Sources

If you really just want to add a little bit of light while still maintaining the aesthetics of the space, then you should think about decorating with ambient lights. Examples could be orb lights, a set of big candles, or even fairy lights that you string across the wall. These kinds of light will help brighten up the room, while adding a peaceful and therapeutic tone to the ambiance.

These warm and yellow lights can make even the most rugged and cold atmospheres feel welcoming.

Put Mirrors Near Sources of Light

This is a decorating hack that goes back a long time. Bringing mirrors into your space will help to brighten up a dark room, as well as expand the visual space. By placing a large floor or wall mirror near a window, you can really amp up the natural lighting.

You can achieve similar effects by placing floor and table lamps near mirrors, as well. When using a lamp make sure that it only emits ambient light so you don’t end up with a blindingly bright light being reflected in the mirror.

Add Large and Brightly Colored Area Rugs

Covering your bare floors with a brightly colored rug can certainly help to brighten a room and add some life to it. A rug can add both texture and softness to your floor as well. If you really want to spruce things up, opt for a yellow, ivory/white, or some other similar hue to achieve the desired effect.

Also, the larger the rug is, the more you can widen the visual space.

Pick Transparent or Lighter Color Furniture

Most people pick out their furniture based on their own personal taste and by deciding which pieces will look best together. However, it’s also important that you pick furniture that will affect the lighting in your house. Adding a large navy or gray couch to a dark room probably isn’t a very good idea.

Compact and small furniture that are either ivory or beige can help make your home feel more spacious and brighter. Try your best to avoid walnut wood TV stands, bed frames, and tables. Instead, opt for something like a transparent acrylic desk or coffee table.

Paint Your Walls White 

You’ve probably heard this a thousand times, but it doesn’t make it any less true. White walls might be the best way to brighten up a dim room. A white wall will reflect light and have it bounce around the room.

This will make the room feel much brighter and bigger than it actually is. Does white seem just too boring for your taste? Then think about painting one wall a different bright color to jazz things up.

You can also add texture by installing ornamental trims to the ceiling.

Clean Your Windows

As obvious as it may seem, many homeowners don’t even think about it. By having windows that are dirty and stained, you’re limiting the amount of light that can come in, as well as diminishing the room’s aesthetic value. Wipe down your windows with a heavy-duty glass cleaning product.

The difference might feel staggering, especially if you don’t regularly clean your windows. Natural light always helps make a room look prettier than it already is.

Be sure to take full advantage of any windows that you have and clean them well. Try at least once a year to give them a thorough and deep cleaning.

Natural light is healthy for you, so you want to get as much of it as you can.

Lighten Up Your Curtains

You can brighten up a room by purchasing curtains that are lightly colored and installing them on both sides of the window.

Choose a color that is either light gray or beige. You can even get ivory blackout curtains.

Get Minimalist Furniture

Having tall and large furniture will take up space and cast shadows throughout an already dark room. Instead, go with furniture that takes up minimal space and sits low to the ground. Decide on a height limit for your furniture and make sure that everything you add is within that limit.

This includes bookcases and dressers. By creating a lot of space between your furniture you’ll have more opportunity to add pieces for lighting.

The Importance of Knowing How to Brighten a Dark Room

Being in a cramped and dark room can dampen even the most positive person’s day. Knowing some simple ways to brighten a dark room and expand its visual space, you can completely change the look and feel of pretty much any room.

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