Seven Ways to Make Your Home Your Own During Your Staycation

Seven Ways to Make Your Home Your Own During Your Staycation

Billions of people around the globe are still observing the stay at home orders in a bid to curb the spread of the Coronavirus. For many people this new norm can be monotonous.

Having to spend every waking minute inside your house or in your backyard can sap all your energy and leave you depressed.

However, what if there was a way to make your current stay at home a little exciting? All you need to do is to make your house a little heaven on earth during your staycation.

During this period your staycation can be amazing. Are you wondering how to turn your home into a relaxing resort? Check out these tips.


How to Spruce up Your Home During Your Staycation 

Extraordinary times call for exceptional measures. The world might have to embrace the new reality that social distancing will be with us for a while, but it shouldn’t put a damper on your life.

You can still enjoy your own company with close relatives at home. This is doable by working around the clock to dapper up every part of your humble abode.

Build a Fire Pit

Is the indoor air choking you up? Don’t worry. You can wind down your evenings with a perfect fireside chat around a warm fire pit.

This is a perfect chance to channel your childhood campfire experiences to the next generation. Whether with your children, spouse or alone, a warm fire pit experience while roasting marshmallows can lift your spirits in ways you can’t imagine. All you need is a circular stone-walled pit dug behind your yard.

Ensure that your backyard has adequate lighting with our range of exterior lighting fixtures to keep the spotlight on the fireplace. It’s a fantastic experience reading books or singing songs as you count the stars. Building a fire pit is among the best backyard renovations to consider.

Create a Relaxing Fountain

What is more refreshing than watching and listening to the sounds of a babbling brook in your backyard? It’s even more breathtaking if unique lighting add-ons are striking over the fountain.

You can turn your home into a little paradise by making your fountain the focal point in your lawn. All you need is to add exterior lighting to your backyard and your staycation will feel like Hawaii.

With a water fountain that shines from dusk to dawn, you can stroll around the lawn or play with your favorite pets as late as you wish. Indoors need not choke off your energies anymore.

Consider a Fresh Coat of Paint for Your Interior 

Change is the only constant factor in life. Changing the coat of paint in your house might seem like a minor undertaking, but it bears considerable impact.

It would also make more sense to undertake the painting yourself. By the time you’re done you’ll want to spend every day of the rest of the staycation marveling at your skills. The best part about painting your home is that it also presents a perfect opportunity to match your coat of paint with other accessories such as rugs, carpets, and, of course, your lighting fixtures.

How About a Zen Bathroom?

Your staycation is incomplete without those relaxing moments in the bathroom. As you enjoy your stay at home, it might be helpful to invest in a Zen bathroom.

While the trips to the spa might be a far-off dream for now, you can still work your way around your bathroom to achieve elegance and comfort. One way to create that perfect ambiance at home is to add unique lighting fixtures in your bathroom.

With well- designed lighting you can create a perfect illusion of a spa even if the space is limited. It can be refreshing and relaxing with a little addition of awesome lighting to complement the elegance in your Zen-like bathroom.

Trick out Your Master Bedroom 

What is a staycation without quality sleep? Sleep should be one of the most enjoyable activities during a vacation. You have always worked your behind off on regular days and now it’s time to get as much rest as possible.

Your quality of sleep depends on a broad range of factors. Your bedroom should be your first area of focus during your staycation.

You can start by changing the aesthetics and design around the bedroom. Matching your wall light colors with other installations in the bedroom can help you make a remarkable change to the space.

Making your bedroom a haven of peace also requires that you declutter the space. With minimal clutter you will enjoy the peace you need in your bedroom. You can also make your bedroom lively during your staycation by adding nightstand necessities such as flowers for decorations, candles, or books.

From Children’s Bedroom to Disneyland 

The stay-at-home orders will have a far-reaching effect on everybody in the family. Can’t take your children out to the mall? No problem.

You can design your children’s bedroom with a staycation-oriented approach that will transform the space into fun land. Start by trending those dull colors in your children’s bedroom with lively Disneyland themes. During this staycation, cartoon themes, sporty wallpapers, or other unique hues could keep your young ones happy.

You could even consider unique ceiling and wall lighting for bedroom ideas with disco themes for your older kids. This can be a perfect way to keep them engaged as they enjoy their staycation at home.

Your Living Room is the Icing on the Cake 

You will spend considerable time during your staycation indoors. Your living room is among the spaces at home that should matter the most. You can start by rearranging your furniture or throwing in a few lounge chairs. Your living room can also do well with a change of throw pillows and spruced up décor.

Pinterest has a wide range of excellent designs you can consider. During your staycation, investing in brighter and more welcoming colors can be the ultimate decision.

If you’re the adventurous type, creating a minibar can be the definitive decision. You can stock your favorite drinks and cocktails in the minibar as you wind the days away. This can be a DIY undertaking complete with glasses, shakers, and stirrers.

Your living room can also do well with flowers or plants to spruce up the interior. The other best thing you can do with your living rooms is to consider lighting. Nothing completes a living room better than including floor lamps, ceiling lighting, and wall lighting in line with the dominant theme.

It would be best if you considered display lights for photos or art pieces around the main spaces. Our specialists are always open to advise you on the best fit for each of the lighting options available.

Your Staycation Does Not Have to Be Lackluster

Who said that fun is only achievable away from home? You can still have a fulfilling staycation by sprucing your indoors and outdoors spaces. All you need to do is to focus on adding unique components such as a fountain or a fire pit in your outdoors.

You could also consider designing a Zen bathroom, adding a minibar, or repainting your home to add that wow factor. However, the ultimate spruce up in your home is lighting. With our team of experts, we can transform your home with awesome lighting that can turn every space in your house to a little heaven on earth.

Are you looking to add a dapper touch to your home with elegant lighting? Contact us today for immediate assistance.

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