Exterior Lighting Fixtures

Exterior Lighting Fixtures

Lighting Designs provides the outside lighting fixtures and the design and installation expertise that will illuminate your outside environment – and your standing among family and friends. Our exterior lighting fixtures are ideal for all uses in San Diego and the surrounding area.

Path Lights

With proper design and installation, path lights allow you and your guests to step with confidence and safety at night. They also enhance the beauty of your landscape by highlighting the curves, steps, and textures of your path.

Deck and Patio Lights

Deck lights and patio lights draw attention to the decking and furniture on the patio. They allow you and your guests to comfortably see each other without glare or undue brightness. There is nothing like the beautiful evenings in San Diego, and you can entertain late into the night after installing these fixtures.

Accent Lights

Accent lighting is used to highlight key features of your landscape, such as a sculpture or fountain. Our design experts will guide you through the process of selecting the perfect accent lights for bringing your your garden to life after the sun sets.

Up Lights and Down lights

Up and Down lighting transforms your home into a living work of art. It uses a variety of techniques to create a stunning effects that leave your guests amazed.

LED Lighting

LED Lighting is the present and future for all types of lighting. LEDs provide consistent light in many colors, while consuming just a fraction of the energy of incandescent lighting systems, something everyone in the greater San Diego area should value highly.