San Diego Interior Wall Lights: Ideas for Your Child’s Bedroom They Will Love

San Diego Interior Wall Lights: Ideas for Your Child’s Bedroom They Will Love

The average child spends over five hours each day in their bedroom, not counting their sleeping hours. Bedrooms are undoubtedly a haven for our children, but are these environments suitable for what a kid needs?

The answer is that it depends on finding interior wall lights that provide a calming, harmonious space for your child. That starts with the right lighting design.

To help you get inspired, we’ve assembled this list of some of the best lighting ideas for your child’s bedroom in San Diego.

Dimmer Lighting 

Children spend more time in their rooms than adults, so they need a multi-functional lighting design. That means bright lights for playtime, reading, or studying, and dim lights for bedtime.

A dimmer switch is probably the most straightforward way to achieve that combination in your kid’s bedroom. Alternatively, you can add a lamp with dimmer settings to help get that low-level lighting your child needs at bedtime.

Smart Lighting 

Smart light technology is undoubtedly the future of lighting. It will offer you savings on your energy bill and a beautiful interior, providing you get the design right.

Smart lighting is all about linking your lighting controls to an app so you can manage your lighting from your phone even when you aren’t at your San Diego home.

The most obvious use is to turn the lights off remotely from your phone.

For example, suppose your child leaves their room light on when you’ve headed out for the day (or on vacation). You can quickly fix the problem via the app, but Smart lighting also has lots of other great features.

For example, you can change color settings depending on the bedroom lighting you buy, so your child can pick a range of rotating colored lights for their room.

That is great for mood lighting to help relax them, or even some colorful rainbow lighting displays to impress their friends!

Themed Reading Lamps 

When your child can read you’ll enter a stage all parents go through. You peek into your child’s bedroom expecting to find them asleep, only to find they have “one last page” to read in their favorite book.

While a love of literature is fantastic, some lights can strain your child’s eyes, so always provide bright reading light. Why not find a bedside lamp with a fun theme in keeping with your child’s favorite fictional character?

If you can’t find the right light design online, you can always opt for a custom-made lampshade on top of a side table light.

Glowing Night Lights 

Nighttime can be a scary world for young children, with shadows turning into monsters and the sound of moving critters from below the bed.

Fortunately, you can add some low lighting to help fight off the scary creatures and still give your child enough darkness for a good night’s sleep. A glowing nightlight is safe and straightforward for most young children and is ideal nursery lighting.

Some even come with a graphic clock to help your child learn the correct time to wake up. That’s essential if you have early risers in your San Diego house!

Fairy Lights

You no longer need to associate fairy lights with traditional Christmas decorations or trees. These designs are so pretty they deserve to be enjoyed all year round.

If your child wants a room with a forest, fairy, or princess theme, some carefully placed fairy lights above the bed will look gorgeous. You can also try a more modern theme such as spaceships or Star Wars, using minimal-style fairy lights.

You could also wrap them around their bookshelf or playhouse if they have a den corner in their bedroom.

Closet Lighting

Most kids find it difficult to keep their closets tidy.

While we can’t magic away that problem, we can help you design a closet space with the best lighting so they can see their (neatly folded) clothes in perfect view.

Functional ceiling or wall lights, designed by Lighting Distinctions near San Diego, can ensure your child has the light they need for their storage spaces. They won’t end up rummaging in the dark to find their favorite sweater.

Floor Lighting 

As we instinctively look up to the ceiling at lighting, we often forget the functional beauty of good floor lighting.

Floor lights can help shape a room, set the mood, and have the practicality of guiding your footsteps when walking into a dark room.

You’ll need to have a reliable design team on hand to help craft the perfect lighting for your floor, so get in touch with our team for a quote.

The Night Sky

Do you have a child obsessed with science and astronomy? Then why not bring the night sky into your San Diego home by purchasing a star-gazing night light?

Many star-themed lights are available to buy, projecting entire galaxies onto the ceiling of your child’s bedroom. It looks beautiful and will help relax children who find it difficult to settle at night.

If you are on a tight budget, you could swap the fancier night projector and purchase some old-fashioned glow-in-the-dark stars instead to stick to the ceiling. They still offer plenty of fun.


Lighting doesn’t have to mean adding a standard pendant light to the ceiling of a room. With plenty of superior lighting technology, you can quite literally turn your lighting arrangements into a work of art.

Why not create a shape on the wall of your child’s bedroom using light fittings?

You could create a statement word, a famous cartoon character, or something more abstract, and get your child involved in the creative side. You’ll have lots of fun coming up with designs!

Lighting Ideas in San Diego for Every Child

A beautiful, calming environment can boost your mood and sense of wellbeing. So give the bedrooms in your San Diego home the love and attention they deserve and make them the perfect place for your child.

Your next step is to reach out for more advice on bedroom lighting ideas so that you can put together the right design. You can do that by heading here to book a free consultation with our expert team.

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