Make Your Del Mar, CA Yard Look Spectacular With Outdoor Tree Landscape Lighting

Make Your Del Mar, CA Yard Look Spectacular With Outdoor Tree Landscape Lighting

As the sun sets on your garden it may start to feel a little creepy and unsafe. The warm and inviting glow of twinkling lights will give you and your guests more reasons to enjoy the outdoors at night. According to scientific reports, spending 10-30 minutes outside each day can improve health and well-being.

Each area of your garden is unique in terms of how it should be lit. So, what is the best way to use tree lighting to optimize outdoor space? Finding the perfect outdoor landscape lighting requires various techniques and tree lighting tips to make the most of your landscape.

Do you want to learn how to make your Del Mar garden look magical at night? Here is everything you need to know in this tree lighting guide.

Add Magical String Lights

Outdoor string lights or fairy lights can create a dazzling nighttime display in your Del Mar garden. We recommend that you start wrapping the tree from the base and work your way to the top for optimum results. Test the lights before you start wrapping to eliminate the possibility of faulty bulbs.

String lights are perfect for leafless trees, but they also work well with evergreens, palm trees, and other tree varieties. If you don’t like the idea of wrapping your tree, you can hang string lights between two trees for a cozy garden look. String lights also work well on decking, patio, and dining areas.

Highlight Garden Features

The right outdoor lighting can showcase your sculptures and favorite plants when the sun goes down. Add a touch of luxury to your garden by highlighting grapevines and other hanging plants. A shining spotlight can bring olive trees and topiary balls to life at night.

You can also use lighting to illuminate pathways throughout your garden. A well-lit pathway can provide additional security with a warm and comforting glow. Stand at a distance from your garden to see which features will benefit most from tree lighting.

Low-Voltage Tree Lighting

Soft, low-voltage lighting is best for residential properties that need to add warmth in the Del Mar area. LED lighting uses up to 75% less energy than conventional lighting. Low-voltage bulbs are designed for outdoor use with a reliable and long lifespan.

You can use low-voltage tree lighting to accent specific trees such as willows, Japanese maples, and other deciduous trees.

Speak to an outdoor lighting professional for the best tree lighting advice and placement ideas. Finding a balance between light and shadow in your garden will create the perfect atmosphere throughout the landscape. It is important to understand what type of lights best, and how many are needed.

Different Tree Lighting Techniques

Every outdoor space is unique, with different requirements for trees, plants, and features. Buying tree lighting is a complex exercise because not all garden elements are the same. Each tree should be lit depending on its location, size, and shape.

The most common trees in residential gardens are coniferous (evergreens such as pines and spruces) or deciduous (maples and oaks). Both types of trees need to be lit in different ways.

For smaller trees, place a light at the base of the trunk. The light will shine upwards and draw attention to the beautiful branches and leaves. Experiment with the angle of the fixture and whether you want warm or cool light.

Choosing Fixtures 

Choosing the right bulbs is important if you want to achieve specific lighting effects. A larger tree will need a bulb with a higher lumen output. The Kelvin (k) temperature of an outdoor bulb is between 2500k and 400k.

Warmer temperature bulbs are best for architectural elements in an outdoor space in Del Mar. Cooler lighting (3000k-400k) is better for lighting plants and natural elements in the landscape. Everyone will have a personal preference for the lighting color in their garden.

Wider beam spreads are great for highlighting branches and foliage. If the tree has an open canopy you can place the lights in and around the branches for a dramatic effect.

If you want to highlight a larger tree then you should place the light further out from the trunk. Directional uplights are perfect for large trees and shrubs because you can adjust the angle to suit the target. A tree that is wider than 10 meters should be lit with two or more uplights.

Create Harmony and Balance

One of the best tree lighting tips to remember is that you do not have to illuminate everything in your garden. Watch the sunset in your garden to see where the natural light falls. This will give you an idea of which areas need the most light during the evening.

The best way to light your garden is to start with trees and work onwards. Analyze how your tree lighting affects the rest of the garden before adding more lights to other areas. Once you are satisfied with your tree lighting you can turn your attention to shrubs, statues, and exterior walls.

Warm LED tree lighting is perfect for creating a relaxing space for you to unwind.

Find the Perfect Tree Lighting in Del Mar

Enjoy the beauty of your garden by installing creative tree lighting. There are lots of options for trees, plants and pergolas that will illuminate your Del Mar home at night. Not only does tree lighting create a warm and inviting ambiance, but it can also improve the security of your home.

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