Modern Residential Lighting Ideas to Make Your Rancho Santa Fe Garage Stand Out

Modern Residential Lighting Ideas to Make Your Rancho Santa Fe Garage Stand Out

Have you ever considered doing a makeover for your garage? Did you think about the lights when finalizing the designs?

You might not see it, but usually lighting is the missing part of making your garage stand out. Unfortunately, most homeowners don’t consider the lighting in their garages when remodeling, but these residential lighting ideas can transform your garage.

Lighting is essential for your garage’s appearance and helps with security. However, many valuable things in your garage may also be a security risk if they aren’t noticeable. Furthermore, depending on how you use your garage, you’ll have to get around lighting it in various ways.

So, let’s go over some garage lighting ideas to help you take your Rancho Santa Fe garage to a new level.

Use Compact Fluorescent Lights

Compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) are an ideal solution for lighting the garage. CFLs provide more efficient and cost-effective outdoor lighting than traditional incandescent bulbs, while still providing enough light to work in the garage.

In addition, they last much longer than regular bulbs, meaning less time spent replacing them. With CFLs you can save money on your energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time!

Use LED Strips for Garage Lighting

LED strips are one of the excellent garage lighting tips for modern lighting designers. LED is great if you want to keep your garage as a garage, use it as an added living area, or a space to entertain visitors.

They’re not as luminous as CFLs or tube lighting and will give your garage a more contemporary feel.

Garage Natural Light 

One way to improve your garage lighting is to use available natural sources. For example, having a skylight can bring more natural light into your Rancho Santa Fe garage, and it’s affordable.

Sunlight can also cause discomfort, especially if it’s too hot or bright in the middle of the day. To counteract that you can add insulation and frosted windows to control the temperatures.

However, having clear and unobstructed garage windows will bring in natural light inside your garage, and there is little substitute for natural light.

Garage Lighting Fixtures

Modern garage door openers have built-in lights that can offer more lighting in your garage. You can also install overhead lighting fixtures above your worktable or where you need them.

Install shop lights when your garage ceiling is high. There are recessed lights, surface-mounted lights, and track lighting systems all available and they can all be great additions to your garage. Also, consider the task, ambient, and accent lighting among your choices.

Ambient lighting makes a soft light for ample space, letting you see your work and tools. Task lighting has a glowing light that points toward one area, offering you a light for detailed tasks.

Accent lighting shows off a particular spot and is less common in garages. However, you can use accent lights to help you illuminate the pegboard and pick the necessary tools.

Install Outdoor Garage Lighting 

Outdoor lighting could have a powerful effect on the adorning appeal of your Rancho Santa Fe home. The outdoor light fixtures next to your garage should complement and match the style you have created for the rest of your home. Some garage lighting fixtures can also make your home eco-friendlier and more energy-efficient.

First, be smart in choosing the size. The size of lighting fixtures should be one-quarter to one-third the height of the door opening. Fixtures over the garage door should be in the center to give even brightness to the whole driveway.

Know the width of your driveway and garage door height to determine the light size needed. For a one-car garage, install a single outdoor light on the side between the garage and the house. Other choices for a one-car garage are two outdoor lights over the top of the door or two small lights on the side.

For a double-car garage, install outdoor wall lights, one in the center and one at both sides of the door. Decorative-centered lighting over each garage entry that is high enough can give a nice look.

Assess the Amount of Illumination

Start by adding floodlighting in a corner or under the eaves of your home for added security lighting in the rear of the house and garage. Consider the amount of brightness you will need by assessing your property at sunset. Take a picture of your garage from the driveway back and over the street for guidance.

Outdoor lighting must provide security and safety without being too bright. Learn the outdoor lighting limitations or dark-sky laws in your local area for a guide.

Moreover, opt for energy-efficiency lighting, like LED or CFL outdoor garage fixtures. These light fixtures offer lower maintenance and energy bill.

Also, most outdoor lighting fixtures are standard grade and created to last for years. Other garage outdoor lights have a lifetime warranty.

Furthermore, it’s best to choose outdoor lighting with automatic controls. Heat-sensing or motion sensor lighting provides the highest security and is also energy-efficient. Choosing the best outdoor light for your garage will provide safety for your home and give a stylish look.

Modern Lighting Ideas to Try Out Today in Rancho Santa Fe

Whether outdoor or indoor, you need enough lighting in your Ranch Santa Fe garage. Modern lighting ideas can stem from the standard fluorescent tubes, to having windows for natural light. In addition, you’ll need efficient garage lighting to move around without bumping anything and to finish your tasks.

If you plan on constructing a new garage, or find that your existing garage needs an upgrade, contact us now. We will help you get the best modern lighting designs for your garage, whether for aesthetics or practicality.

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