Make a Statement with Your Foyer Lighting Scheme

Make a Statement with Your Foyer Lighting Scheme

In 2022 the home improvement industry is projected to be worth around $465 billion. Considering how critical it is to have a home that expresses your personality, this makes a lot of sense.

To say that your foyer is an important part of your home is an understatement. Your entryway is the first thing that you and others see when they enter your building. It sets the mood for what sort of space your home is.

Foyer lighting is critical to ensuring that this mood is exactly what you want it to be. Here are some fantastic ideas on how to light up your home and life, with custom foyer lights.


Vibrant and Contemporary Indoor Lights

If you’re looking to create a cohesive contemporary decor scheme, you likely will want to get bright, fluorescent lighting. This brings out the bright colors of your foyer.

These lights look best made with transparent blown glass in organic shapes. Round lighting fixtures suspended from the ceiling by uneven metal cords are the way to go.

For an upgraded aesthetic, the glass surrounding your bulbs can be frosted or tinted in one of many beautiful hues. If you have a room with simple white walls, consider colored bulbs.

However, contemporary schemes usually have vibrant-colored rooms and you want to keep lighting simple. Bright white lighting generally works best in these fixtures. Frosted glass is a great way to make your bright white lighting look elegant, sleek and modern.

Rustic Antique Vibes

Many people don’t aim to have a contemporary foyer, or modern-look interior decor in general. If you prefer to make your home look like a sophisticated throwback to the 19th and early 20th centuries, a chandelier is likely the right choice for you.

These chandeliers can be made in a wide variety of sizes and styles. Some are made from metal frames in bronze or gold-plated alternatives and showcase suspended crystals. However, many of them have upward-curved frames and suspended lightbulbs at the end of each arm.

Pair these chandeliers with a bronze foyer statue to make the entryway to your home as tasteful and artistic as possible. Soft lighting will work wonders to show off the best angles of your statues, antique paintings and glass vases.

LED Flood Lighting

If you use landscape lighting for your home’s exterior, you already know what flood lights are. However, what you may not have known is that these fixtures that mount on the wall and provide a single steady stream of light down to the ground are also good foyer light options.

This is an especially good idea for those with large antique fixtures. These homeowners likely have a lot of antique and vintage trinkets that they wish to showcase.

Floodlighting allows you to illuminate these items as brightly as possible. You won’t hit the surrounding area with a similar stream of light.

In short, they function as a spotlight for your favorite paintings, photos and decorative items. Whether these items are 1920’s glass sculptures, Victorian bronze busts or depression-glass vases, a small hole can be cut out on the wall for them and act as a shelf that your floodlights illuminate.

Keep Things Neutral

Neutral lighting features may sound boring at first, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. It simply means that you use your lighting to complement other features of your foyer without being a centerpiece. In other decor schemes, the lighting is an eye-catching part of the room, but neutral schemes let you showcase complex wall patterns and interesting pieces of furniture.

This doesn’t mean that the lighting is boring though. Try a single fixture of any brightness suspended from the ceiling by a simple metal chain. Surround the lightbulbs with gorgeous, semi-translucent fabric that looks beautiful when illuminated from the inside.

The impact will be an elegant-looking fixture that provides a soft glow to the rest of your space.

Light Your Path in Color

We’ve brushed on the idea of colored lighting before, but did you know that it’s an amazing way to set the tone for your home? Color psychology, the scientifically-proven phenomenon of color affecting mood, makes sure that this is the case.

Paint your walls a neutral white or light gray and use your lighting to express the emotional vibes that you want your home to evoke. Soft blue lighting makes for a calming and relaxing space, so it’s a popular and well-considered choice. On the other hand, if you want to keep things funky and cheerful, yellow and orange lightbulbs will do the trick.

Use Natural Lighting to Your Advantage

While artificial lighting is 100% essential to every room in your home, you also can create a lighting scheme that showcases natural light during the daytime hours. This is a good idea because getting more sunlight improves sleep, decreases stress and can even give you a longer life. Plus, it just looks awesome.

In addition to installing a gorgeous ceiling lamp, ask Lighting Distinctions how you can make the most of natural lighting. Have stained-glass windows installed around your foyer door that leads to the exterior of your home. Consider asking for a skylight to be installed as well.

Install Awesome Foyer Lighting Today

Now that you know some ways that you can make a statement with foyer lighting that packs a punch, it’s time to get started.

Contact us with any remaining questions that you have about choosing an indoor lighting scheme for your entryway. Our experts are also happy to schedule a free consultation with you to talk about your lighting needs, so we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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