Leucadia, CA Interior Light Fixture Ideas: Five Fun Ways to Create an International Feel

Leucadia, CA Interior Light Fixture Ideas: Five Fun Ways to Create an International Feel

The average American household can save about $225 per year by using energy-efficient lighting. A few years ago, choosing energy and cost savings meant sacrificing style. However, today’s modern lighting designs incorporate both.

Many international interior light fixtures have upped the stakes. They have unique, chic designs that also save energy.

Building or remodeling your Leucadia home? Including these will enhance the look and increase its value

You can choose fixtures from interior or exterior lighting designs. If you’re not sure what the new international light fixtures trends are, we’ve created this guide for you.

1.  Cascading Chandeliers

You create a great first impression with the energy and visual elements of your home. When they capture a visitor’s attention the minute they enter your front door, you’ve done something right. The light fixtures you choose play a major part in creating this effect. 

It sets the mood for every room in your home, but nowhere is it more crucial than in your foyer or entryway.

Chandelier lighting was traditionally used in dining rooms. Now they’re making a statement when you open the front door of many homes.

However, these aren’t the ornamental chandeliers reminiscent of days gone by. They’re cascading chandeliers with a modern, sleek look.

Cascading chandeliers are an elegant interior lighting trend. They feature various design elements, including:

  • LED strands
  • Floating bubbles
  • Shimmering crystals
  • Sparkling globes
  • A collection of various lengths of pendant lights

When installed, they not only light up your room, but have the appearance of a floating artistic piece. They’re often tiered, but can also be abstract, incorporating a myriad of shapes. You can also choose a finish that blends well with the rest of the decor in your room.

They’re perfect for rooms with high ceilings. They’re also amazing for lighting on a staircase. You can customize cascading chandeliers to suit your needs. 

What look are you trying to achieve? Romantic, dreamy, magical, or elegant? It doesn’t matter.

Choose the right location and the perfect design. Your cascading chandelier will do the rest. Garnering attention when you entertain at your home.

2.  Fan Lights

Thinking about the conventional ceiling fan with a light attached? You might want to think again. Fan lights are extremely different in design. They’re a modern take on this practical, dual-purpose lighting feature.

Its dual-purpose design is one of the reasons this invention isn’t going anywhere. According to 34% of real estate agents, modern buyers love seeing them in homes. It’s ranked as one of the top five upgrades that make a home more energy-efficient. Two things to think about if you ever want to sell your Leucadia home.

Unfortunately, ceiling fans aren’t the most aesthetically pleasing choice when it comes to light fixtures. Have you been resisting adding them to your office or bedroom? Fan light designs may make you change your mind. 

Fan lights are more like chandeliers, with ceiling fans incorporated into their design. In addition to LED lighting, some also include Wi-Fi enabled functions. These allow you to control:

  • Fan speed
  • Light intensity
  • Color temperature

All functions you can conveniently adjust from your phone. You can choose from several designs with various finishes to suit your decor. Because of their contemporary look, you can use them in any room including your:

  • Kitchen
  • Living room
  • Bedroom
  • Dining room
  • Porch
  • Home office

You can now cool any room of your home in style.

3.  Geometrical Lighting

Homes & Gardens listed sculptural table and floor lamps as one of this year’s lighting trends. Their list also included bold statement pieces. It’s a trend that enhances the design so that your fixtures stand out even when you turn the lights off. 

This can involve the use of varying:

  • Materials
  • Shapes
  • Textures

Geometrical lights incorporate all of these. They are abstract wonders that will enhance the look of any room in your home. The use of varying shapes has the effect of moving light within a room. 

The glass in the design only adds to the whimsical effect the dancing light creates in the space.

Geometrical lights are available in many finishes. Their sizes also vary. Although mostly designed as pendants, there are also geometrical ceiling mount lights and wall sconces.

This gives you lots of options for the rooms where you’d like to have them installed. They will be a focal point regardless of the design you choose or the room you place them in.

4.  Set Lights

Set lights are a new lighting trend that you can use on an interior or exterior wall. Each unit is a mobile block with an LED source of light. A set can consist of as little as one mobile block to as many as five.

The great thing about set lights is that you can place each block in any position on a small area of any wall.

The result is a customized wall art lighting feature. It creates highlights and shadows bouncing within the room without any glare.

They are perfect for rooms with walls that have smaller surface areas. These unique lighting systems are usually found in offices and hotels but could also create a great effect in your entryway or the smaller rooms of your Leucadia home.

They also provide a new take on outdoor landscape lighting. They can illuminate the walls over your hedges and garden beds. Set lights are the perfect wall art piece that already has lighting included.

5.  Vintage Lights

If you have a vintage vibe to your home, these lights are the perfect design element to enhance the theme. They’re designed with a used, yet chic look. 

You can choose a design that takes you back to the year of your choosing. Vintage lights reflect lamp styles from the 1920s, all the way to the 80s.

One of the great things about this type of lighting is that vintage styles can be a feature in:

  • Pendant lighting
  • Floor or standing lamps
  • Table lamp
  • Wall light
  • Track lights

You can have a vintage feel throughout your home, as there’s a design for every room. 

Add Elegance to Your Leucadia Home with International Light Fixtures

International light fixtures are a new trend in lighting that you can’t ignore. They’re not only beautiful to look at, but they create the perfect ambiance in any room of your Leucadia home.

Every year, international designers create new light fixtures that are beautiful and energy efficient. It can be overwhelming to choose which design works best in a space.

Light Distinctions can help you choose the perfect lighting system for every room of your home. We’re experts when it comes to all types of LED lighting. Call us for a free consultation today.


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