Create Your Own Cinema with Oceanside, CA Home Theater Lighting

Create Your Own Cinema with Oceanside, CA Home Theater Lighting

The home theater market in the US is valued at over $7.7 billion per year. A demand for entertaining at home spurred by the pandemic has pushed this even further. However, did you know there’s a way to make even the simplest of rooms look like a high-tech cinema?

The answer is not with bigger screens and speakers, but with the correct home theater lighting. Here, we discuss how to get the best lighting for your home theater in Oceanside. 

Recessed Lighting 

Recessed lighting is the classic movie theater look. The light sits in a small recess on the wall or roof. This means it does not protrude into the surrounding theater, therefore, keeping a clean and minimalist look. 

Placed on a dimmer, these lights can serve almost any purpose. Push them up when getting snacks, turn them down when the movie is on. By placing them on different circuits they can serve even more purposes. 

LED Lighting

If you are looking for a futuristic vibe or doubling up your theater as a gaming room, LED lighting is the way to go. You can place it under chairs, to mark steps, cup holders, and more. Try mixing laser and LED lights to create an atmosphere in your space that is also extremely versatile.


For a classic cinema look with retro stylings, opt for wall sconces. Instead of spreading light, they direct it at a certain angle. Usually, this is vertically to mark the walls and walkways in a theater. 

Combine them with a dimmer, and you can lower them during the movie for a faint glow. The simpler the sconces are, the more modern they will look. However, some people may just want a touch of old-school Hollywood glamour. 

Fiber Optic

Fiber optic lighting is great for surrounding areas with low glowing light. This makes it perfect for walkways and stairs. Its flexibility means its illuminating tubes can even be bent around corners. 

Full Lighting

When you visit the theater you seldom see this type of lighting. However, when the movie is over and the theater needs to be cleaned, full lighting allows you to perform general tasks so it will be ready for the next paying customers. Your home theater in Oceanside will be no different. You should also consider full lighting, as well as the atmospheric. 

At some point you or your cleaner needs to see the full room or it will get dirty quickly. In these instances, recessed lighting will work best. Situate them about three to four feet apart, with around three or four rows. depending on the home movie theater size. 

It is possible to have these as your only source of light in the theater. If you put them on two different circuits you can opt for full lighting or one with a dimmer for before and after the movie.

Make sure the one directly in front of the screen is on a different circuit. This will let you have the darkness for your home theater projector screen, and the light at the back for enjoying a party atmosphere. 

If you cannot put them on different circuits, think of the type of light. Lower lamps will work best at the front, with more powerful wider beams over the seating area. 

Playing with Color

Your room does not just have to be filled with white light. In fact, adding a touch of color can give a real ambiance to the home theater. 

One way to do this is with laser lights. Many of these just plug into a socket, so you won’t actually need a big installation. They can project onto your walls and create colors and patterns to build up the suspense of the big movie. 

Another way is to use colored bulbs as ambient lighting. This will hue your room, creating interesting areas of tones and shade. If you are using a traditional screen as opposed to a projector, consider placing dim color as a backlight to the screen to make it the focal point of the room. 


Another consideration you need to make is safety. While a dark theater looks fantastic, you don’t want people tripping and injuring themselves in the dark. If you have steps or risers, this becomes even more vital. 

Marking them should not be done with anything that casts too big a light. They need to be on during the movie so if people need to leave the room, they won’t distract anyone. LED lights and fiber optics are ideal, but make sure they are dim enough so that light is not shining onto the screen. 

Controlling Your Lights

With the advent of smart homes in and around Oceanside, controlling your theater has never been easier. The most obvious way to do this is with a remote control or app. This lets you do everything from the comfort of your home theater seating. 

The more you can break your lighting down into zones, the more control you will have. This will let you easily flick between lighting for the aisle and walkways, to full open lights and dimmer, movie-watching illuminations. You will have full control and even the smallest of theaters can look stunning when light is manipulated properly. 

Get Your Oceanside Home Theater Installation Right

Now that you know the type of home theater lighting you want, it is time to get it designed and installed. Speak with an expert in the Oceanside area who can help you with the layout and styles. After that you just need to decide what movie you will be watching.

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