How to Create a Fairy Tale Backyard Garden in San Diego Without Breaking the Bank through Exterior Lighting

How to Create a Fairy Tale Backyard Garden in San Diego Without Breaking the Bank through Exterior Lighting

It’s something that you may have dreamt of having since you were reading fairy tales in your parent’s home. Now that you have a yard of your own, you can construct your perfect garden with a little help from exterior lighting.

What’s great about having a fairy tale backyard garden is that you can add as much detail as you want and it will never go out of style. Gardens that exude those romantic and fantastical elements will delight both kids and adults of all kinds. Add in a little bit of garden lighting and it will look like a dream come true.

So how do you create a backyard garden in the San Diego area that your neighbors will envy? Which backyard lights are the right kind to use? We have you covered.


Hang String Lights Over the Yard

If you want a simple and inexpensive type of backyard lighting that will hang over your backyard and give it a sense of whimsy, you should add some string lights or fairy lights. These types of lights are fairly popular and are easy to hang up. If you are searching for a specific look with them, light bulbs can be customized to any desired bulb, wattage or color you want.

Get some hooks to attach them to your San Diego home’s exterior, or wrap the ends around a balcony or pole while you are hanging them up. However, make sure there is an electrical outlet near one end and be careful of dropping it.

Add a Fountain, Pond, or Creek 

No fairy tale garden is complete without a body of water that looks like it has just come out of Hansel and Gretel or Little Red Riding Hood. If you don’t want to break the bank you can add a small fountain or pond to your backyard and use them to feel like your backyard is part of a fantasy world.

For an extra touch add some lily pads to the pond. It could bring your pond closer to a fantasy realm or even closer to Monet’s paintings.

Let the Beautiful Nature of San Diego Be the Focus

Most fairy tales that you read about as a child or are reading to your kids now, were not set in the modern day where most homes are in the suburbs or cities. San Diego can hardly be described as far, far away! Part of having a fairy tale backyard garden means having most of the items in the backyard feel as though it is closely related to the natural world.

The backyard must feel charming and almost like it just appeared out of a book. Even if you do not live close to the countryside or a forest, adding some plants or pieces made with wood will give it that unique look you are looking for.

Place Stone Paths

If you want a more medieval touch to the walking paths, then adding some stone paths around the sides of your home or next to a garden will do the trick.They can make you think of cobblestone or old bridges and serve an aesthetic and function at the same time.

The decision to make the stones square, rectangular, or circular is up to you. You can also decide whether to flaunt the stones or sink them discreetly into the dirt, so the mower does not run over them.

With them you can feel like you are stepping on a path in the forest toward a cottage reminiscent of Snow White.

Put Moss All Over the Backyard of Your San Diego Home

Moss as a plant makes everything it covers feel like it is part of a time long past. For that reason, it is a great plant choice to place in a fairy tale backyard. Not only does it occur in the natural world, but it is also very easy to grow.

Don’t just place moss in one location though. Repeat the moss application in different parts of your San Diego backyard. It can be placed on fountains, inside ponds or the structure of a bench or gazebo.

Put Wildflowers in Your Garden

No fairy tale backyard is complete without adding some plants and flowers that make anyone believe they are in a magical setting. To that end, some of the best plants for a fairy garden include:

  • St. Johns Wort
  • Thyme
  • Petunias
  • Violets
  • Sunflowers
  • Foxglove
  • Yarrow
  • Rosemary
  • Nasturtium
  • Cosmos
  • Red Valerian

There are a lot more you can use for it. When thinking of plants to add, consider the bees, butterflies and birds that you want to visit. When it comes to adding plants to a fairy tale backyard, it is permissible to let your imagination go wild.

Add Candle-Lit or Electronic Lanterns

No light holder has a more fantastical feel than lanterns that are placed all over your yard. You can easily find lantern designs in stores that fit the whimsy the backyard’s theme needs.

If you do not want the added expense of buying large and thick candles for the lanterns, you can also use electrical lights that are battery-lit. There are also resources online where you can learn how to make one by DIY.

Create the Backyard Garden of Your Dreams Right Here in San Diego

Creating a fairytale garden without spending a huge amount of money is not impossible to achieve. With the right garden lighting, focal points and plants placed throughout the backyard, you will create a back garden that dreams are made of. Let your neighbors in the San Diego area see the magic that their yards don’t have.

When you are thinking about creating a magical backyard garden with outdoor lighting, don’t worry about setting it up on your own. Our lighting experts can help you with whatever you need. Contact us to get a consultation today and learn more about our services.

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