How to Choose Swimming Pool Lighting: Great Options for Oceanside, CA Homes

How to Choose Swimming Pool Lighting: Great Options for Oceanside, CA Homes

Spring is in the air in Southern California, and summer is well on its way. 

After record high temperatures last year, it’s no surprise pool owners are eager to get their aquatic landscapes in shape for another long, hot season. The easiest and most effective way to revitalize your pool area is by elevating your pool lighting system. 

Landscaping lights are the key to creating the ideal ambiance for entertaining friends or spending quality time with family. Wondering how to choose swimming pool lighting? Chances are it’s a little bit more complicated than you think. 

Let’s go over how to avoid making mistakes when designing the swimming pool of your dreams in Oceanside. 

How to Choose Swimming Pool Lighting 

There is more to choosing swimming pool lighting than you may realize. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of designing your dream pool. That’s when emotional decision-making happens, which can lead to mistakes. 

The first thing to do when choosing swimming pool lighting is to create a budget for your project. Once you know how much you can spend, consider the different types of pool lighting available. Then, design your pool lighting. 

Determine Your Pool Lighting Budget 

Starting with a pool lighting budget is always a pragmatic choice. When you know how much you have to spend, it is much easier to make the choices that are ideal for your project. 

When creating your pool lighting budget, you will need to ask yourself several important questions. 

The first thing you need to think about is the scope of your project. Is this an extensive pool remodel, a new pool construction, or a basic replacement of the current pool lighting design? 

For new construction or extensive remodel of a pool, you will need a much higher budget than if you are only planning on swapping out your old pool lights for new ones. 

The next thing you want to think about is the size of your pool. How many lights do you need to illuminate the pool sufficiently? Are you planning to light the surrounding pool area at your Oceanside home? 

Consider Your Pool Lighting Options 

Once you’ve determined your pool lighting budget, it’s time to consider the pool lighting options available to you. 

There are three main choices when it comes to the different types of pool lights. These include incandescent, halogen, and LED lights. 

Incandescent Lights 

The traditional style of pool lights you’ve encountered is typically incandescent light bulbs. Incandescent lighting has been the standard for underwater pool lights for many years. 

These days incandescent lights are becoming much less popular. For one thing, they’re the most expensive type of pool lighting. Many people also avoid incandescent lights because of the harm they pose to the environment. 

Another reason pool owners have gravitated away from incandescent pool lighting is because they require replacement multiple times a year. Others dislike the way the intensely yellow lights affect the appearance of the water. 

Halogen Lights 

For the most part, halogen pool lighting has replaced incandescent light bulbs. Compared to incandescent lights, halogen lighting is both more affordable and less harmful to the environment. 

On the plus side, halogen bulbs use a lot less energy. You’ll save money on your electricity bill. However, the upfront cost of purchasing halogen bulbs for your pool pretty much offsets any energy savings. 

LED Lighting 

The majority of modern pool owners in Oceanside have moved on from incandescent and halogen lighting, preferring the energy efficiency and elegant ambiance of LED pool lighting. 

LED light bulbs are the most affordable option when it comes to pool lighting. Whether your budget is modest or vast, everyone appreciates saving money. Why not save the environment while you’re at it? 

LED bulbs put their energy into producing light rather than heat, like incandescent and halogen bulbs. A six-watt LED light bulb can produce as much illumination as it would take for a 100-watt halogen bulb to produce. 

If the idea of changing incandescent bulbs in your pool three times a year sounds awful, think about the fact that LED bulbs can last for years without needing replacement. 

In addition, you’ll love the clean, pure quality of light LED bulbs emit, creating a private paradise in your own backyard. 

Create Your Pool Lighting Design 

When you’ve decided which type of pool lighting options best suit your style and budget, it’s time to plan your pool lighting design. 

The lighting design for your pool will be relatively simple if you’re just swapping out the old lights for updated ones. If you’re doing a more extensive remodel of your pool area, your design could be quite complex. 

If you are constructing a new pool, it is important to complete the lighting design so the lighting installation can happen simultaneously with the pool installation. 

Make sure to take the landscaping around your pool into consideration. You will likely find it beneficial and necessary to light the area around the pool, as well as any pathways leading to the pool area. 

Tips for Installing Pool Lighting Systems 

You’ve made your budget, chosen your pool lights, and designed your pool lighting plan. The next step of your project is installing your pool lighting system. 

Depending on the scope of your project, the process of installing pool lighting can take a few days, or even up to several weeks. Here are our best tips for how to have the best experience with the installation.  

For more tips on installing pool lighting systems, consult your swimming pool lighting provider in the Oceanside area. 

Take Your Time 

Any designer or builder will advise you to take your time when designing and implementing a home improvement project. Take it slow and give yourself plenty of time to perfect the lighting placement to get the ideal ambiance. 

Consider the Impact on Your Property 

Reflect on how the new lighting will affect the overall mood of your property. The look and feel of the area surrounding your pool will certainly change once the new lighting system is in. 

Save Money with Simultaneous Installation 

Installing all of your pool, surrounding pool area, and landscaping lighting at the same time will save you on cost. It will also save you the time and energy of having work done on your home in stages instead of at once. 

Always consult a licensed electrician before installing pool lighting. This is necessary in order to ensure safe and proper installation. 

Talk To a Pool Lighting Expert Near Oceanside 

Was the process to choose swimming pool lighting more complicated than you thought? It’s important to take your time when considering your options and planning your design to create the optimal pool paradise you deserve at your home in Oceanside. 

If you’re ready to collaborate with an expert swimming pool lighting provider, contact Lighting Distinctions for a free consultation today. 

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