Gazebo Lights: Lighting Tips for Your Gazebo

Gazebo Lights: Lighting Tips for Your Gazebo

With so many people staying at home avoiding COVID-19, beautiful backyard spaces are more essential than ever. Outside spaces help mitigate the spread of viruses, including the flu and coronavirus.

Spending more time outside is also great for your mental health

A gazebo is a beautiful and valuable addition to almost any yard. Do you have a gazebo? Are you wondering how to light it up for enjoyable evenings in the backyard?

Check out these great ideas for gazebo lights. 


Wiring First

Depending on how fancy you want your gazebo lighting to be, you may need special wiring. You need a safe and effective source of electricity for your lights.

A licensed electrician knows if the city requires permits for any new wiring. If you’re tapping into the house’s electrical grid for a new circuit, hire a professional.

If your home already has outdoor outlets, you’re in luck.

Depending on the type of lights and wiring, you may need to run a few cords. Running the cords along the posts and roofline of the gazebo minimizes any danger of someone tripping over the wires.

Start with Interior Gazebo Lights

What’s your style? Do you like understated or do you go big? There are so many types of lights for outdoor living.

A Chandelier

A crystal chandelier makes a dramatic statement when it’s hanging from the midpoint inside your gazebo. This is the perfect solution for the romantic at heart. Crystals sparkle in the daytime sun and reflect the lightbulbs at night.

Complement a chandelier with sheer, gauzy curtains for a private backyard getaway.

A Fan Light 

If you live in a warm climate, consider installing a ceiling fan with lights. The fan circulates the air while keeping you comfortable.

There are so many types of fans you’ll have no problem getting one to suit your taste. Look for a fan with a reversible motor so you can run it in the summer and winter.

A fan is also great if you love hosting barbeques because it keeps the inside of the gazebo from getting smoky.

Pendant Lights

Not into the fairytale romance of a big chandelier? How about some modern pendants? Pendant lighting is sleek and sexy and comes in so many types and styles.

You can hang one large pendant or use several of varying lengths for a different look.

Fairy Lights

Fairy lights add charm and fun. They’re not as bold as a crystal chandelier, but they’re also much less expensive. They’re essentially Christmas lights and come in a variety of colors.

Wrap fairy lights from the inside beams and down the supporting posts for an elegant look.

Fairy-Light Curtain

Instead of wrapping your lights on the beams and posts, try hanging a bunch of strands straight down like curtains. Tie them back on one side for entry and exit.

This is a fun magical look the kids will love.

LED Strip Lights

Also known as tape lights, LED strip lights are like fairy lights but come encased in a tubing. Installation is easy with the adhesive peel-and-stick backing.

These lights come in a variety of colors as well. They’re safe both inside and out and they don’t emit any heat.

LED strip lights are a good energy-saving solution as well, since they use only a couple of watts of energy per foot.

Solar-Powered String Lights

If you want to save money, try some solar string lights. They offer a good solution if you don’t have electricity in the yard and you don’t want to install it.

Using LED bulbs in solar-powered lights maximizes the photocell capacity.

Around six hours of sunlight powers your lights for about 5-6 hours after sunset. That gets you well past midnight.

Decorative Lantern Lights

Whimsical decorative lanterns come in varying sizes, shapes, and colors. White lanterns with different colored bulbs set the mood any way you like.


Use lamps with pretty lampshades on coffee tables to add to your lighting arrangement. Find lamps that complement your hanging lights, if you’re using them.

Did you go with a big chandelier? Try lamps with glass bases and light-colored shades.

Are you using modern pendant lights? Pick a modern-style lamp.


Use big candles inside glass hurricane candle shades. You’ll get many hours of light out of one large candle.

Scatter candles around the gazebo and on coffee tables and end tables. You can also set large candles inside glass lanterns on the ground.

Tiki Torches

Do you live near the beach? These are the perfect lights for your outdoor gazebo. Set a ring of torches around the outside of your gazebo.

If you’re using torches, place them several feet away from the gazebo so there’s no risk of fire. You also shouldn’t hang curtains on your gazebo if you’re using torches since that’s also a fire risk.

Lights Around the Gazebo Perimeter

There’s another option for lighting up your gazebo without hanging lights inside. You can light the perimeter in an artful way.

Done right, perimeter lighting provides plenty of light inside the gazebo, but it’s soft and romantic. Perimeter lighting includes pathway lighting to the structure.

A great pathway lighting option is small solar lights. Installation is easy since all you do is push the stake into the ground. The light sits on top gathering sun all day and lights up when it gets dark.

If you’re having trouble with insects at night, try different colored lights. These attract fewer bugs than bright white lights.

Fun Ways of Lighting the Gazebo

When it comes to gazebo lights, the options are many. Have fun and do what suits your taste.

Start by making sure you have electricity. No outdoor electricity? You won’t have as many options, but you can still go solar or use candles and tiki torches.

From chandeliers to whimsical paper lanterns, let your imagination run wild and have some fun. You’ll love spending time in your beautifully lit gazebo.

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