Beautiful Walkway Ideas for the Front of Your House

Beautiful Walkway Ideas for the Front of Your House

What if you could take your curb appeal to the next level?

One of the most powerful areas of the front of your home is the walkway. Many walkways are bland and boring, setting a negative tone for all of your visiting guests.

With the right walkway ideas for the front of your San Diego area house, you can undergo a magical transformation that is sure to stand out. Here are the inspirational ideas you need to get started today.


Space Those Pavers

When you use pavers for a walkway, it’s tempting to line everything up perfectly as if you were tiling the inside of your home. However, adding space between the pavers can actually make the walkway look very stylish and unconventional.

Adding the right lighting to your pavers can really make it stand out from the rest of your landscape. You can highlight each individual block with small lamp lighting or illuminate the entire area with moonlighting ideas.

The Moat to Your Castle

Want the kind of walkway that really turns heads? Here’s a crazy idea: transform your home into a castle!

No, you don’t need to add towers and parapets to the top of your home, but with a solid pond foundation, and the perfect lighting around it, you can create a moat-like effect of water right there in your front yard.

By placing down large steps (any material will do), you create an unforgettable walkway right to the door of your castle.

Needless to say, a project this ambitious is going to take a lot of time and may require professional assistance, but the final effect is definitely worth it.

Play with Color

Most people think of the walkway as a very colorless space. That’s because we have spent our lives traveling up walkways made of the same boring shades of white and grey.

If you want to change things up, you should check out the possibilities of colorful lighting. Different colors illicit different emotions within us. You can create an atmosphere of calm and wonder by choosing the perfect color that matches well with the exterior paint of your home.

Flagstone Paths

As we said, you don’t have to literally turn your home into a castle, but here’s another walkway idea that will make you feel like royalty…flagstone paths!

The trick here is to create the right borders and boundaries for the walkway before you start setting stones down. Once the path is ready, you can start laying down a mixture of rectangular stones and natural stones.

Why the mixture? It gives the whole walkway a more organic flow while still retaining the kind of classy flagstone ambiance you are going for. This kind of pathway looks particularly classy at night when you have landscape lighting in the yard.

Stone/Paver Combo

Speaking of organic flow, many homeowners want a walkway that reflects their unique personality. If you want to really give yourself some creative license, you can mix stones and pavers in a number of exciting ways.

This is the option for those of you who liked to color outside the boundaries when you were little. That’s because the mixture of materials lets you put down pretty much any shapes and colors that you can dream up. You can also play a little with lighting options to highlight certain areas over others, or completely change the mood of the entire area. Mixing and matching the colors of the stone with different LED lighting options is a great way to unleash the inner artist inside you.

If you have an artist inside the house, this provides a great way to unleash their vision on the world.

Lattice Patterns

Did you know the human brain will naturally find a pattern in shapes that are clustered together? This little bit of psychological trivia helps you unleash the kinds of walkways that your parents could never imagine.

For instance, instead of connecting them to each other, you can space your pavers out over a grassy lawn. When placed right, the pavers create an eye-catching geometric pattern,while letting visitors see the clear path to your front door.

You can give each stone its own light, whether placed next to the path or even if you build the light into the stone. This is a great way to keep the pattern going at night and is something that your neighbors will definitely be talking about.

With the right patterns and colors, this kind of lattice design can integrate well with any landscape and architecture.


Bricks are a classic choice for a walkway. Unfortunately, the traditional brick placement (which is straightforward and symmetrical) is pretty boring.

If you want to add a new twist to an old idea, try a zigzag pattern on the bricks. This creates a more exciting pattern, making the walkway look like a collection of sharpened chevrons.

Another option is to zigzag lighting ideas. You can do this by alternating colors in a crisscross pattern, or by playing with different illumination strengths and lighting patterns. When it comes to lighting, your only limits are your own imagination, so don’t be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to how to decorate the front of your home.

Time to Get Started

Now you have some solid walkway ideas for the front of your house. By playing with different stone patterns, and how you choose to light those patterns, you can create a beautiful landscape that is the talk of the neighborhood. With the right lighting you can even give off a different mood at night than what you would see during the day!

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