Seven Tips on Garden and Flower Bed Lights

Seven Tips on Garden and Flower Bed Lights

If you’re like most Americans, renovating your outdoor living space will be a project that takes between $1,000 and $5,000. There are a lot of reasons this project is worth the money. You’ll be calmer and more relaxed in your remodeled yard, eliminate problem areas outside your home, and be able to spend time engaging in quality outdoor activities.

Get the best bang for your buck when renovating. Flowerbed lights are an affordable investment that will make your yard look better overall. They’ll put the focus on your favorite flowers and make sure you see the best parts of the landscape at your San Diego area home.

Here are seven creative flowerbed lighting ideas that will have you awestruck!


Mushroom Pathways

A mushroom pathway is essentially small lights, usually round in shape, being placed on the ground between your flowers and other garden items. They stick up from the ground as ornamentation for your flowerbed like mushrooms, giving them their name.

If you want to be even more literal, you can make mushroom-shaped lamps and incorporate them into the decor of your flowerbed. Once you buy basic lights from our online store, you can DIY these mushrooms alone or with your family. It’s a ton of fun and a great way to be creative.

Fence Lighting

Fence lighting is another way to get creative with landscaping. You’ll be putting lights on top of each picket or slat of your garden fence to illuminate the plank. This will shine a light on the flowers and garden decorations at the bottom of each part of your fence.

There are tons of ways you can get creative with this. You can place the lights on every other picket, or alternate colors and brightness on every other slat. You can also experiment with different light shapes in order to get different shadows on the ground and areas of illumination.

String Lights

String lights are a classic for a reason, and contrary to popular belief, they can be used year-round. While often associated with Christmas, string lights are a great way to bring summer flair to your flowerbed. Make sure that rather than using Christmas colors, you use soft pinks, yellows, and bright whites.

String lights can be wrapped around basically anything you like, which makes them very versatile. Large plants, trees, and fences are all common areas that string lights can look amazing around. Try wrapping them around a garden gnome or frog statue, too, if you want to get cheeky.

Miniature Lamps

You can place miniature lamps around your garden in a similar way that you’d use mushroom lighting. The difference between these two styles lies in the shape of the lighting. While mushroom lights are round bulbs coming up from the soil, miniature lamps can look like cute and tiny outdoor desk lamps.

These lamps are awesome because they can target individual plants or flowers for lighting. This means you can accent your favorite shapes and colors within your garden to make them stand out to both yourself and guests.

Moon Lighting

Moon lighting is one of the most stunning lighting services we offer. The purpose of these styles is to create the soft feel of moonlight and illuminate the entirety of your landscape. The lights flood down on the garden from higher up. Generally, the lights will be installed on the overhang of your home’s roof or the top of a very tall fence.

Moon lights are incredibly good in terms of bringing out the vibrant colors in your flowerbed, garden, or other yard landscaping. Palm trees will light up in bright green and carnations will glow in soft pink. No matter what plants you love, moon lighting is perfect for accentuating the colors and making them pop.

Floodlights with Accents

Floodlights are similar to moon lighting in that they shine a light on your garden space from above, but they’re a little harsher and provide more brightness. This is one of the most popular forms of garden lighting, but have you considered spicing it up by adding accents? These accents can come in many colors, or simply be a different brightness to the rest of your lighting.

If you want to try this, we can help you with the installation. Our knowledgeable professionals can also have a discussion with you to help decide where accents belong underneath your floodlights. Overall, it’s a pretty sweet deal, so check out these services and get cracking.

Experiment with Color

No matter what lighting you choose to install in your yard, it’s important to at least experiment with color. Though you may decide that white floodlights are right for you in the end, there are so many different color lights that will bring out various aspects and areas of your garden. You’re going to want to at least try blue or yellow or red LEDs.

Use the colors that you think will best accent each flower within your flowerbed and make sure that it accentuates the green of palm trees and plants. Another interesting way to choose light coloring is to use color psychology to get the desired feeling. Yellow LEDs will give your garden a warmth and energy, green will bring it to life, and blue will make you feel serene!

Get Beautiful Flower Bed Lights

While choosing the perfect lights to accent your garden can be a challenge, it’s also a lot of fun. You have so many options to choose from, after all, that experimenting is an adventure in and of itself!

Click here to begin a free lighting trial with us. When you undertake this trial run, you’ll have the perfect opportunity to learn what forms of flowerbed lights will best accent your individual yard and garden. This way you can invest your money wisely in your renovations and make your yard as stunning as possible.

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