Seven Interior Lighting Design Trends in Carmel Valley, CA

Seven Interior Lighting Design Trends in Carmel Valley, CA

Are you building or remodeling your home and in the market for some new lighting? Do you need some lighting upgrades throughout your home, but are not up-to-date with the trendy interior lighting design choices?

Modern takes on a new meaning with trendy styles. Using light to accentuate certain areas and create the desired vibe within specific rooms is all the rage. Also, interior lighting fixtures are beginning to be more decorative than they used to be. 

Keep your Carmel Valley home decor bright and up to date with these seven interior lighting trends. 


Brighten Up Your Shelves

Turn any shelf in your home into a focal point with customized shelf lighting. From your closet to your home library, draw attention to your built-in bookcases and storage with lighting that is inside the shelves.

This kind of lighting is also preferable when you are trying to create a space in your home that will be a focal point, but isn’t an extremely bold space. Your books can be the main attraction in your living room instead of the TV with a little extra lighting. 

You can also transform your kitchen or home bar by having lighting installed inside the cabinets with glass cabinet doors. You can make any spot feel luxurious and special when you have custom shelf lighting.

Bold Kitchen Island Lighting

Replace your tired kitchen island lighting with bold pendant lighting. Unique shades, colors, patterns, and designs can turn any Carmel Valley kitchen into a modern and artistic masterpiece. 

Not only will this add style and light to your kitchen, but it can also create a fantastic ambiance for small gatherings or even an intimate dinner at your kitchen island.

Lighting over your kitchen island is essential, might as well make it bold instead of boring. 

Natural Bathroom Lighting Fixtures

Bathroom lighting is often a fixture above the mirror, but the new trend is natural lighting coming in from all sides. Above the mirror lighting seems like the best idea, but the shadows it creates can be less than flattering. 

Having a natural LED light with cross illumination will ensure that there is even light across your whole face, which is ideal for applying make-up

Using a bulb with warm white light, or an LED bulb labeled natural lighting, will show your skin in its truest form so that any foundation or concealer is applied in the correct color. 

Zen Home Office

With the COVID pandemic coming to an end, more people are opting to continue to work from home in the Carmel Valley area. The need for a home office has increased exponentially. 

Creating a Zen space with home office lighting helps you drown out the rest of the world and focus on your work. 

Make sure that your home office lighting is bright enough to not strain your eyes if you are working on the computer. Dim lighting seems like a great choice for a calming office, but it can strain your eyes if you are looking at a screen for an extended period of time. 

The Return of Recessed Lighting

There was a time when recessed lighting was being replaced with other fixtures, but recessed lighting is making a big comeback. Aiming to save space while lighting up every corner of your room, recessed lighting is a discrete way to add light to your closet, kitchen, and living room. 

Also, use recessed lighting to bring attention to artwork, specific areas of your home, and objects that you’d like to highlight.  This is similar to shelf lighting, but throughout an entire room.

Recessed lighting is making its way back to kitchens everywhere. Pair the recessed kitchen lights with your bold island light fixture and there are endless lighting combination possibilities.

One-of-a-Kind Lighting

When designing the interior of your Carmel Valley home, it is pertinent that you make it your own. Having unique home design aspects such as one-of-a-kind lighting will add character and elegance that you didn’t know was possible.

Depending on your budget, you can commission a piece from a local artist and work with a lighting company to have it made into a fixture for your home. This way you know the light fixture will be original and fit your home’s aesthetic perfectly. 

Indoor lighting doesn’t have to be traditional, predictable, or plain. Work with your local lighting experts to create your ideal one-of-a-kind light dreams come true. 

Eco-Friendly Interior Lighting

Choosing lighting that is eco-friendly isn’t something that people usually think about. LED lights are one of the most environmentally friendly lights out there. Being cost-effective, long-lasting, and energy-efficient, LED lights are ideal for most homeowners.  

LED lights use the least amount of energy than any other light on the market today. The efficiency of LED technology is expected to rise in the coming years. Get ahead of the curve and make the switch to LED ASAP.

While you’re at it, look for some fixtures made of sustainable materials like bamboo. Light up your world while simultaneously helping our world. 

Let Us Do the Work for Your Carmel Valley Interior Lighting

Some retro designs are making a comeback. Keeping your home “lit” with bold interior lighting designs is a must. The numerous interior lighting options available can be overwhelming, but you can contact a professional in the Carmel Valley area to help make your home bright and inviting.

Let us help keep your lighting fixtures energy efficient and trendy. Contact us at Lighting Distinctions for all of your lighting requirements, outdoor lighting, indoor lighting, landscaping lights and more. We can help illuminate your space and give you the atmosphere you’ve been searching for. 

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