Outdoor Lighting Project in La Jolla, CA

Outdoor Lighting Project in La Jolla, CA

Working in the lighting design field, it is the top priority to make sure that the client gets exactly what he/she wanted… and then some.
With the La Jolla project, we were hired by the property manager (Pim Handgraaf from Handgraaf Estates) and he explained us that the principal was looking to completely overhaul all outdoor lighting fixtures. Since the completion of the house 15 years ago, most of the light fixtures were falling from trees, broken or so heavily oxidized due to the proximity to the ocean, that they barely functioned. Meaning there was a lot of work to be done.


Because of our good standing relationship with the manufacturer of the light fixtures, we had the possibility of refurbishing the existing fixtures rather than buying completely new ones. This then resulted in a better bid for the project while also being mindful and recycling at the same time.Outdoor Lighting Project in La Jolla, CA.

From the 164 original fixtures that were on the property (that were to be refurbished), we added an additional 232 brand new ones, bringing the total to 396 lighting fixtures on the property. As you can imagine, the end-result was quite the difference compared to what the property looked like before.

Outdoor Lighting Project in La Jolla, CA.After the refurbishing of the current fixtures and purchase of the new ones, we placed all the up lights, down lights, path lights, moon lights etc. and took care of all the wiring as well. Because the Estate Manager had a good idea on what the principal wanted, we could really work perfect the details such as setting the timers for switch-on at 10 minutes before sunset.

Outdoor Lighting Project in La Jolla, CA.An important detail worth mentioning was the fact that instead of using the standard black colored rubber bands to attach the fixtures to the trees, we found and installed brown colored rubber bands. This allowed for the fixtures to blend in more with the color of the tree bark, making them harder to notice during the day.

Outdoor Lighting Project in La Jolla, CA.Working together with Handgraaf Estates was an absolute pleasure. On multiple occasions we’ve met with their Estate Manager during the day, at dusk and after sunset to discuss and evaluate the lighting quality, placement and adjustment of fixtures, lens color and bulb preference to ensure the best result for the principal.

With all the customization and great attention to detail, the end result was nothing less than amazing. The Principal explained that she was very happy and, since completion of the project, has entertained multiple times where the guests were blown-away as well.

Thank you, Handgraaf Estates, for working together on this amazing project and taking the time really work together on all the details.

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