Make Your Porch Your New Favorite Spot

Make Your Porch Your New Favorite Spot

The entryway to your San Diego home is one of the first things that guests see upon arriving. Because it’s one of the very first things to catch your visitors’ eyes, it’s important that it’s exquisite. We all know how essential first impressions are, so make sure you do everything it takes to leave your friends, family members, neighbors, and even delivery men in awe!
The best way to begin this fun process is to use entryway lighting that’s going to make your San Diego home stand out from the rest. Using stunning entryway lighting techniques is going to ensure that your visitors know how important the upkeep of your home is to you. Not sure how to get started? Don’t worry! We’ve compiled a list of some of the best entryway lighting ideas that you won’t want to miss out on.
Are you ready to light up the night?


Porch Railing Lights

If your front porch has a railing, then you should be taking advantage of it. Railings are perfect places to install lights, because they wrap around the porch in its entirety and offer an ideal setup for installation.

One option that you have, is to place yellow-bulb string lights around the outer, inner, or both sections of the railings. Where you place them depends on what type of effect you’re trying to create.

You can also use other types of lighting to line your porch’s railings with. There are plenty of small exterior light fixtures that would work perfectly on the railing posts.

Rustic Lanterns

If you love a good country style design when it comes to your home, then rustic lanterns are a great choice. Rustic style lights are perfect for the outdoors because they blend in with the nature around them perfectly. Keep in mind that you have a few options to choose from with your lantern placements as well. You can opt to place your rustic lanterns on the ground at the front of your porch on either side. They make for the perfect entryway welcoming lights. If you decide to place the lanterns on the floor of your porch, then consider purchasing larger lanterns that will make a statement.

You can also decide to hang rustic lanterns on the wall of your porch next to your door. This brings the light to a higher placement, which is ideal for bringing light to your home’s front door, rather than the entrance of your porch. When you want to place them on your home’s exterior wall, opt for smaller sizes.

Ceiling Border Lights

If your porch has a roof, then you can border the ceiling with lights. Bordering the porch’s ceiling keeps the actual light fixtures out of sight, while providing enough light to illuminate the entire porch and entryway. Because of this, you won’t have to worry about purchasing aesthetically pleasing lights.

You’ll just need lights that are bright enough to light up the porch from the top of the ceiling. It’s the perfect option for someone looking for something subtle and unique. You can also decide to outline the borders of the roof as well.

Just keep in mind that outlining the border of your porch’s roof means that your guests will see what the bulbs and light fixtures look like. So, choosing this option would mean picking out light fixtures that are attractive.

Path or Walkway Lights

Pathway or walkway lights are a great way to really welcome your guests into your home. When deciding to go with pathway or walkway lights, you’ll be surprised to learn how many options you have. You can place lights on your porch’s stairs to ensure visitors know where the steps are at night.

You can also place lights in the trees leading to your porch that shine down on the pathway. The choice is yours and depends on what kind of effect you’re looking for. It is a good rule of thumb to place lights on stairs regardless of where your other lights are placed.

This ensures your and your guests’ safety when entering or leaving during the evening hours.

Hanging Pendants

If you have a porch with a high enough ceiling, you can droop hanging pendants from it. For this idea, be sure that your ceiling is high enough. You don’t want to end up banging your head on a light fixture.

If you have the high ceilings to pull it off, then this idea is worth trying. Just be sure that the pendants hang no lower than 7 feet. This gives even your tallest guest enough headspace.

It also keeps the light at a high enough level where it’s not directly in your face. Pick out on gorgeous light fixture to hang from the center, or a couple of smaller stunning fixtures to hang throughout your porch.

Light Up the Night with These Entryway Lighting Ideas!

Head outside and take a survey of your front porch. Get a good idea of what you’re working with, and then choose one of these great ideas to light up your entryway with!

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