How You Can Add Character to Your Home Through Indoor Lighting Fixtures

How You Can Add Character to Your Home Through Indoor Lighting Fixtures

The way that you handle your interior lighting will dictate a lot about your living experience. More visibility can reduce eye strain and lower stress levels. Adding indoor lighting fixtures to your home at The Bridges of Rancho Santa Fe that denote character and charm can also improve your quality of life and property values at the same time. 

Ambient lighting is a $58 billion business today. This means you’ll have no problem finding help if you’re interested in upgrading your home lighting. 

Here’s what you should know about adding light fixtures with character to your living space.  


Consider the Goal of the Lighting

Begin with your goals before exploring any other part of this lighting guide. The ball is in your court when it comes to the way you handle your lighting, so make sure you know why you want an upgrade and what denotes a successful project. 

Some of the reasons that you might choose to revamp the interior lighting at your The Bridges of Rancho Santa Fe home include:

  • Making your home more modern
  • Getting better use of your electricity and lowering your utility bills
  • Adding a unique style and presence to your rooms
  • Highlighting art pieces or other fixtures in your rooms
  • Handling upgrades that make your home more attractive on the sales market

Know these goals upfront so that you can make the changes that will give you the biggest rewards. 

Factor in the Size of the Room

You also need to know what kind of reach your indoor lighting will have. This happens by first getting to know the size of the room. Learn the wattage and other specifications of your lights, as well as how far they will cast light beams. 

Get a blueprint of your home and measure the square footage to have a clear idea of what you’re working with. This way you’ll use every nook and cranny of your home and will choose lights that are stylish without sacrificing illumination. 

Go With Energy-Efficient Lights

Sustainable lighting is one of the best ways to add character to the project. This not only helps you shine light where needed, but you’ll also appreciate that you’re helping to protect the planet. 

Energy Star-certified lights use 90% less energy than traditional lighting setups. In most situations, this happens by using light-emitting diode (LED) lights. You can use LED lights for any style you’re going for, as these lights come in all different sizes, shapes, and colors. 

In the meantime, you’ll also enjoy the following benefits of LED lighting:

  • Flexibility in your lighting design options 
  • The lights run cooler and won’t overheat your rooms
  • They reduce your energy consumption and bills
  • You lower your impact on the environment
  • They can be programmed to emit different colors when activated

Figure out what kind of LED lighting you want and shop around with a pro in The Bridges of Rancho Santa Fe area that can help you with the installation of any fixtures. 

Figure Out What Styles You Like 

Next, make sure that you’re clear on what lighting style will be best for your project. Whether you want modern lights or something artsier, there are plenty of style choices that you can look into. The various style categories that you’ll consider when buying new interior lights include task, accent, ambient, general, and mood lighting. 

Among these, there are several different styles to consider. A few include wall lights, chandeliers, and recessed lighting. Get to know the pros and cons of each and how the style choice will affect the mood of the room. 

For instance, some of the benefits of recessed lighting include:

  • Making smaller spaces look and feel bigger
  • Adding uniformity to the way your rooms are lit
  • Creating an amazing mood in places like living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms

Figure out which style will go best with each room in your home and choose the best possible selections you can find. 

Get Price Quotes

When you’re trying to get more character from your lighting additions, make sure that you budget for it accordingly. Start by reaching out to a pro in The Bridges of Rancho Santa Fe area that can provide you with a consultation to go over your lighting goals. For instance, you can let them know if you’re looking for a more chic, art deco vibe, or if you need your lights to be more functional. 

From here, you can figure out the number of lights that you need, and what this means in terms of supplies and labor. Speak to a few different professionals so you can get a few price estimates that you can compare. Get these price quotes in writing and make sure that the list is itemized so that you know how much your lighting project will cost. 

Ask an Interior Designer for Help

An interior designer will help you consider not only your available lighting styles, but also how they complement or detract from your other features. When you invest in LED lights you can change the colors however you like, so that you can mix and match how it looks when shining light against your paint, wallpaper, furniture, and other parts of your home interior. 

Interior designers can help you take a more big-picture approach to these changes so that you’re pleased with the results.  

Choosing Your Light Fixtures in The Bridges at Rancho Santa Fe

Your light fixtures make a tremendous difference in your The Bridges of Rancho Santa Fe household. Start with the words of advice above so that you have no problem getting the best lighting situation possible. In the meantime, be sure to also reach out to pros that can assist you.  

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