How to Make Your Foyer/Entryway More Inviting with Lighting Ideas

How to Make Your Foyer/Entryway More Inviting with Lighting Ideas

Your foyer is the first impression guests get of your home. The entryway should invite them in and set the mood for the entire house.

The foyer is also the last thing guests see before they leave. An outstanding entryway can leave a lasting impression on any visitor.

The right lighting can turn any foyer into a warm embrace for guests to behold. How do you know what lighting will work best in your entryway?

Check out our tips for getting the most inviting foyer lighting for your San Diego home.

Accentuate Architecture

Entryway lighting should highlight your foyer’s best features.

A great way to highlight architecture and decor is uplighting. Install lights on the floor to point up at what you want to accentuate.

Use uplighting in arched doorways for a warm welcome. If you want to show off your drapes, uplighting can make them stand out.

Uplighting also looks great paired with pillars. Transform your structural support into an enticing welcome.

Spotlights can also be used to highlight architecture in your foyer. Stone walls and recessed shelves can pop under spotlights.

Warm Foyer Lighting

Different colored lights can evoke different moods.

Blue tinted lights can give off sterile and harsh vibes. These blue lights are reminiscent of doctors’ offices and chain grocery stores.

Warmer orange or yellow tinted lighting can make your guests feel nurtured and relaxed. It resembles a sunset or sitting by the fire.

When guests enter your home you don’t want to make their transition inside feel shocking. Instead you want to welcome them with serenity.

Warm lighting for entryways is the inviting embrace into your home.

You can get warm lights by finding lightbulbs with a low color temperature. The lower the number, the warmer your light will be.

Use a Dimmer

Different occasions call for different lighting. A cocktail party warrants lower lighting than a club meeting or a playdate.

You don’t have to change your fixtures every time you send out invitations. Just install dimmers for your entryway lighting.

Dimmers allow you to manually change the voltage applied to the lighting in your foyer. Setting the mood isn’t the only thing dimmers are good for.

Using a dimmer can save you money on your electricity bill. It will also help your lightbulbs last longer.

Using a light dimmer is better for the environment. It means fewer lightbulbs that end up in the dump and less energy produced by powerplants.

Not only will guests thank you for the soft lighting, but the Earth will also appreciate your efforts.

Choose your Focal Point

The first thing guests see when they enter your home should be a good conversation piece. It helps break any possible tension between the guest and the host.

A painting or a family photo could do the trick. You can use spotlights to illuminate the canvas and create a focal point.

Furniture can also be your focal point. A nice lamp to shine on your credenza will surely be a talking point.

You can also make your lighting a focal point. An extravagant chandelier is a great way to catch eyes and create the perfect glow for your entryway.

Match Moods

You want your entryway design to ease your guests into the decor theme of your home.

If your home is contemporary, incorporate modern entryway lighting ideas to tie the look together. A more traditional home should have traditional foyer lighting and decor.

A great entryway light fixture for contemporary design is a lighting pendant. They’re classy, but they don’t demand as much attention as a chandelier.

If your home is a little more classic, think of adding sconces along your entryway walls. Sconces are a great way to draw someone in with an inviting feel.

Fill in the Blanks

Empty spaces in your entryway can look a bit awkward. You don’t want anything to be off when your guests step into your home for the first time.

If your walls are a little bare, consider putting lighting fixtures on them to close the gaps. If you have high ceilings, make sure your chandelier or pendant is long enough to fill in the extra space.

Floor lamps are underrated for this exact reason. The right floor lamp can add dimension to a bare entryway.

Any decoration you add can pop with the right lighting. Once you find the perfect way to take up space, add some uplighting or downlighting to catch your guests’ eyes.

Utilize Small Spaces

Maybe you don’t have a giant foyer or grand entryway, and that’s okay. Many lighting fixtures can open up a smaller space.

For low ceilings, pick a chandelier that doesn’t hang. This will light your space while making your foyer ceilings seem taller.

If small chandeliers aren’t your style, recessed lighting can save you space and keep your entryway well-lit.

For a foyer without room for a floor lamp, sconces can add flair without taking up a lot of room. You can avoid overcrowding by placing just one or two along the walls.

Lighting is all about working with the space you have. Consulting a professional will help you make the most of any sized foyer.

Make it “You”

The best part of owning a home is making it uniquely yours. Have fun with the lighting you choose!

Decor guides and blogs are a great way to get your creative juices flowing, but don’t feel like you have to follow them like a rulebook.

Guests will be able to tell how much work you put in when the lighting and decor compliment you. Don’t hold back on ideas that may seem unconventional.

Light it Up

Now you’ve got all these foyer lighting ideas bouncing around in your head. The next step is getting those ideas out and into your entryway.

Lighting Distinctions is happy to meet your foyer lighting needs. Give us a call or schedule a consult and we can illuminate your entryway to fit your needs.