How Exterior Lighting Can Increase Curb Appeal in Cardiff By the Sea

How Exterior Lighting Can Increase Curb Appeal in Cardiff By the Sea

Outdoor lighting can deter crime by up to 20%, but did you know that it can also increase the value of your home?

Whether you want to sell your house fast or not, it’s crucial to work on enhancing its curb appeal both during the day and at night. You can do several things to enhance your outdoor space during the day. The exterior lighting setup, however, plays a significant role in improving curb appeal at night.

Let’s go over some practical advice for choosing eye-catching exterior lighting that will make your Cardiff By the Sea home stand out from the neighborhood.

Utilize Post Lights

Place a pair of post lights or lighted bollards at the end of the walkway near the street to create a visual gateway into your Cardiff By the Sea home. These walkway lights are also perfect for driveway lighting as well as garage areas.

You can use LED options to save on energy. They cast a soft and warm glow, which is perfect for outdoor lighting at night.

Highlight Your Entryway

The front door is often a perfect station for outdoor lighting that many homeowners tend ignore. Besides improving evening curb appeal, it’s also your last chance to make a good first impression from your guests.

You can install a pretty lantern or pair beautiful wall lights on either side of the door to create a welcoming charm. Entryway lighting is also important for security and safety reasons.

Use Lights on Statues

Although a statue’s fine details give a lovely touch to a scene, they frequently lose their luster once darkness falls. Your statue’s beauty will be enhanced by art lighting, creating a stunning display at night.

Use Up-Lights

Installing basic up-lights to highlight your Cardiff By the Sea home’s best characteristics is one of the simplest ways to employ outdoor lighting. Avoiding having any of the lights shine directly into windows in your house and creating just the appropriate amount of light to highlight the architectural details are vital to accomplish this.

When done correctly, this kind of landscape lighting can highlight your home and make it look pretty magnificent after sundown.

Use Downlighting

Downlights mounted on towering structures or trees can cast a stunning cascade of light across your yard that resembles moonlight. With the help of this moonlighting effect, you may direct visitors to your doorstep or simply light up your yard without making it appear artificial.

Create Landscape Silhouettes

An item can be illuminated and rendered in silhouette by light shining from behind it. Installing landscape lighting behind large flowerpots, statues, and trees, for instance, will allow you to see only their outlines at night and not their finer features.

Silhouetting provides more for your landscape than just adding some aesthetic intrigue. Additionally, the layout stops light from beaming directly into your eyes as you take in the silhouettes.

Accentuate Features With Shadowing

Shadowing highlights unique features on your Cardiff By the Sea property at night. To cast shadows on an object, a LED light is often placed close to the object and looking upwards. This method of landscape lighting is quite effective for projecting the leaves of a garden plant on a wall.

Six Benefits of Exterior Lighting You Don’t Want to Miss On

Adding outdoor lighting to your Cardiff By the Sea home makes it unique and helps it stand out in your neighborhood. It also comes with some serious benefits, including the following:

Increased Property Value

Landscape lighting might help you add value to your property if you’re planning to sell soon. Strategic lighting installation may highlight the elements of your home, showing its beauty and luring potential buyers.

Improve Home Security

Enhancing security is one of the prime reasons for installing exterior lighting. Potential robbers and crooks find a dark home’s exterior to be quite enticing.

A good strategy to ward off vandals and anyone who might harm your family is properly fitted and positioned external lighting and motion-detecting lights.

Improve the Function of Your Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor lighting is important whether you just like to relax on your balcony by yourself or if you prefer to host friends. By giving these areas the proper illumination, you can make them a wonderful addition to your Cardiff By the Sea house and increase the likelihood that you’ll use the space.

Consider purchasing outdoor lighting that has a dimmer switch so you can adjust the brightness to be high when the kids are playing outside and low when you want to relax with your partner.

Improve Aesthetics

By placing outdoor lights in strategic locations across your yard, you can highlight your external decorations and landscaping. It is possible to install outdoor lights underneath, in stairs or railing posts, or from above.

As a result, you can highlight special landscape elements in your yard, such as trees, fountains, and ponds. Additionally, illuminating your garden is an excellent method to highlight the vivid colors in your garden if you want to enjoy it at night.

Improve Safety

Safety and visibility can be enhanced by exterior illumination. If you’re walking home after dark or when you’re out in the evening, be careful. You won’t trip or stumble if the walkway is well-lit.

To guarantee that you can see where you’re going, install fixtures near steps, along pathways, and on outside walls.

Potentially Lower Insurance Rates

Certain forms of outdoor lighting might lower your homeowner’s insurance premium with some insurance providers. Insurance companies give discounts as an inducement to secure your property because fewer crimes and injuries equal fewer insurance claims.

Your insurance provider, as well as other elements like where you live, will determine the precise amount of a discount you receive from your insurance.

Choose the Best Exterior Lighting for Your Cardiff By the Sea Home

Working with an experienced business is necessary to reap the benefits of outdoor lighting.

You can be confident that you are taking advantage of years of exterior lighting expertise when you work with Lighting Distinctions. You can learn from our professionals which methods would suit your Cardiff By the Sea property the best. They’ll be aware of the ideal angles, separations, and methods to highlight your home’s qualities.

If you’re considering adding value to your home with outdoor lighting, contact us and we’ll set up a consultation and free estimate.

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