Fairbanks Ranch, CA Indoor Lighting Designer Tips: How Can Lighting Define Your Space?

Fairbanks Ranch, CA Indoor Lighting Designer Tips: How Can Lighting Define Your Space?

Over 65% of Americans own their own homes.

If you’re a homeowner who can’t afford an indoor lighting designer, you probably are attempting to decorate the space yourself, and maybe that’s part of the fun for you.

However, did you know that good lighting can actually make or break your space?

Think about it; how often have you entered a dimly lit room or apartment and thought it seemed off or not as nice as it could be?

In some cases, adding key lamps or light fixtures can fix the problem entirely.

Check out this guide as to how you can define your living space in Fairbanks Ranch with clever lighting techniques.


Good Lighting Mimics Natural Lighting

You don’t want your room to look like you’re on a Broadway stage, but you also don’t want your room to look like you’re practically sitting in the dark. Finding that balance between the two extremes can be difficult, especially for individuals who aren’t great at decorating.

What you want is a light that mimics natural light as much as possible. This way the room feels warm and inviting and won’t overwhelm the senses.

Lighting Can Create Romance

If you do want a dimly lit room, there are ways you can do it to make it look cool and hip or romantic without making you squint.

You can opt for Christmas tree lights draped around the room, if you have a small budget. For a bigger budget, try LED lights or experiment with color-changing LED lights to add a sense of playfulness to the space.

You can also install lights with more than one brightness level, which allows you to control the room’s vibe without doing anything extra to the space.

The Importance of Functional Lighting in Rooms Where You Might Need It

You may need not only lighting that looks good, but lighting that serves a purpose in certain rooms of your Fairbanks Ranch house. This may depend on if you have specific hobbies. We can recommend a few tips for rooms everyone needs good lighting in.

Make sure the lighting points down and toward your work surfaces in your kitchen, not just splashing the entire room in light. This way, when you cook or make dishes, you’ll be able to see what you need without straining your eyes.

If  you’re someone who likes to do their make-up in the bathroom, you may want to consider that when lighting that space. You’ll want a bright enough light to see what you’re doing, but you don’t want a light so bright that you find yourself overdoing your make-up.

If you’re wearing your make-up in a natural setting, (i.e., not on stage or a movie set) you’ll want lighting that mimics that. You’ll also want lighting that is good enough to help you find stray pimples and hairs.

Bulbs As a Statement

You may not think of bulbs as a statement piece in your home, but they certainly can be. For example, Edison bulbs, a modern update to the first light bulb by Thomas Edison, can light your home while giving it a steampunk modern but vintage vibe.

Over the past few years, Edison bulbs have been extremely trendy and look great in almost any space. They’re best when exposed without a lampshade, though you can work with lampshades that do show the fun filament designs off.

Think About What You’ll Be Doing in Each Room

This goes without saying but can be easily  overlooked. That’s largely because how lighting works into designs is often overlooked in general.

While we mentioned you’ll want lighting that helps you accomplish specific tasks in each room, you’ll also want lighting that complements your activities. For example, if you like to relax in your living room, you’ll want soft lighting that doesn’t tend to keep you awake.

If you want to ensure you stay awake in your study, you’ll want bright lighting that stimulates you to keep going with your work.

Romantic lighting and LED lights are also a great thing to add to the bedroom, especially if your bedroom is multi-purpose. For instance, if you work in your bedroom and sleep in it, you may wish to have different lights or at least different settings.

Always Use Multiple Light Sources

If you move into a new space and have a light overhead, you may think that that’s enough for the entire room. Unfortunately, that barely scratches the surface and can actually make the room feel stifling and shadowy. It can also make the room feel smaller than it is.

Utilizing corners and brightening up spaces wherever possible is incredibly important when it comes to lighting your house. This makes the room feel bigger and airier immediately without doing much, or any, work.

Incorporated layered lights overhead or in the wall can also add serious dimension to your rooms and give them a modern feel.

Don’t Hesitate to Brighten Up Your Space in Fairbanks Ranch

Good lighting is an essential component of interior design that amateur designers often forget. As such, if you’re attempting to design your house’s interior on your own, you’ll want to ensure you have as much bright lighting as possible to make it feel inviting and like home.

Good lighting can also help open up the space, make your space feel more modern, and allow you to accomplish tasks within each room effectively.

If you would like to learn more, request a free consultation or a three-day outdoor lighting trial to elevate your Fairbanks Ranch area home to the next level.

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