Encinitas Low-Voltage LED Landscape Lighting: Conserving Voltage and the Environment

Encinitas Low-Voltage LED Landscape Lighting: Conserving Voltage and the Environment

Are you planning your ultimate landscape lighting setup? Maybe you’re wondering how you can conserve energy and save money at the same time? 

The best way is to use low-voltage LED landscape lighting. By choosing LEDs, you can use up to 90% less energy than regular incandescent halogen bulbs. 

You can illuminate your whole garden with a range of colors and create a wonderland of lights without worrying about your utility bill. LEDs will also last for thousands of hours and won’t need replacing for years to come. 

If you’re interested in finding out what the benefits of low-voltage LED lights are, you’re in the right place. In this article we’ll discuss why LEDs are a versatile and environmentally friendly option for your outdoor lighting requirements at your home in Encinitas.  

How Does Low-Voltage LED Landscape Lighting Work? 

The biggest difference between regular light bulbs and LEDs is the amount of power they use. Regular light bulbs connect directly to your Encinitas household’s main power. This means they need 120-volts to produce light. 

In comparison, LEDs use only 12 or 24 volts to produce a similar amount of light. This means you need a transformer to convert the 120-volt household current to the low voltage suitable for LEDs. Your LED transformer, or driver, will also convert the high-voltage alternating current to a lower voltage direct current. 

Some drivers are built into the LED light system and will automatically adjust the current to the correct range. For larger LED installations you’ll usually need a separate driver. Selecting the right size driver for your needs is essential to keep your LEDs operating at maximum efficiency. 

Outdoor low-voltage lighting uses much less power than any other type of light fixture. By choosing LEDs you can fill your garden with hundreds of lights and still use less energy than just a few halogen lights. This allows you to conserve your energy use and reduce your environmental impact.  

What Are the Benefits of Low Voltage LED Lights? 

There are many advantages involved with LED lights. Let’s break down some of the main benefits of using LEDs to light up your outdoor spaces. 

LEDs Last Longer than Other Types of Lights 

When LEDs are correctly installed, they can last for decades. Depending on where your lights are positioned at your home in Encinitas, you can expect them to last between 25,000 to 50,000 hours. No other types of lights last anywhere as long as this. 

To understand how long that is, imagine that you use your lights for nine hours every night. If you use good quality LEDs, that translates to over 20 years of use! Even if you keep your lights on 24/7 you could expect at least 8 years of use. 

Even though LEDs may cost more upfront they still save you money in the long term. 

LEDs Are Environmentally Friendly 

LEDs are the most eco-friendly way of creating atmospheric and security lighting around your home. They last longer and use less energy than any other type of light. They can also be fully recycled when they eventually do need to be replaced. 

Another plus is that LEDs are not manufactured with any toxic chemicals, unlike fluorescent lights that contain harmful substances like mercury. LEDs also produce far fewer greenhouse gasses than incandescent bulbs. 

Most light bulbs produce light in a scattered way that spreads the light in a large area. This results in light pollution as they light up the night sky. LEDs produce a focused beam of light so that you can illuminate specific features in your yard with minimal light pollution. 

 LEDs Are Highly Versatile  

Different color lights are the best way to turn your outdoor living spaces and garden into a multicolored paradise. With LEDs you can choose any color in the visible light spectrum. These colored diodes emit the exact frequency of each color rather than using filters or gels to change the color. 

This creates a much more varied array of colors than is possible with regular light fittings. Moreover, you can dim LEDs down to only 5%. Dimmed LEDs operate at much higher efficiency and will last even longer than they are officially rated for. 

This means you can adjust your LED lighting to subtly blend into the landscape of your Encinitas home without looking like harsh security lights. You can also phase through different colors to create a constantly changing light show effect. As the colors change you can change the atmosphere in your garden and take your landscape lighting to the next level! 

Why Are LEDs Ideal for Landscape Lighting? 

Lighting up your trees and plants creates a magical atmosphere in your outdoor living spaces and garden. Using the wrong light bulbs can attract huge numbers of bugs into your space. 

This can become a serious problem in the summer months, as millions of mosquitoes join your party and ruin your evening. Fortunately, LEDs operate at a different wavelength than most lights, so they don’t attract any bugs.  

Almost all of the energy consumed by incandescent lights is lost to heat. The result is that they can burn your plants, even if they don’t make direct contact with them. In contrast, LEDs produce virtually no heat, so they’ll never damage your plants or trees no matter how close they are to them. 

Another reason why LEDs are ideal for use outdoors is their rugged design. They can withstand large fluctuations in temperature, as well as extreme cold without a problem. Each light-emitting diode is completely sealed to prevent water from entering, even in extreme rain and snow.  

Are You Looking for Outdoor Low-Voltage Lighting in Encinitas?  

Low-voltage LED landscape lighting is the perfect way to transform your garden and outdoor living spaces. You can create a breathtaking light show while also conserving energy and saving money. 

If you’re looking for professional lighting design experts near Encinitas, then Lighting Distinctions has got you covered. We have over 25 years of experience in creating enchanting lighting solutions for landscapes in the greater San Diego area. 

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