Finding the Perfect Exterior Lights

Eight Tips to Find the Perfect Exterior Light Fixture

Are you looking to lighten up your home’s exterior?

Outdoor lights can be a fantastic way to boost your home’s curb appeal, but only if you pick the right ones.

When it comes to exterior lights, there are hundreds of options for you to choose. On top of that, there are a few factors you need to take into account before you even start looking at lights.

So, when it comes time to make your choice, the decision can seem a little daunting.

Want to add some outdoor lights to your San Diego area home, but aren’t sure where to start? We’ve got you covered.

Here are eight tips that are sure to help you find the perfect exterior light for your home.

  1. Where is it Going?

First things first, where are you planning on putting your new exterior light?

The placement of your new light will determine not only the style of the fixture you choose, but also what mounting options you have available to you.

On top of that, the placement will also determine how big of a light you can get.

For example, if you would like to get a hanging light for your front porch, you need to make sure it is large enough to notice, but not so big that it gets in the way.

Once you know where you would like to add lights, you can begin looking at fixtures that would be appropriate for that space.

  1. Choosing a Style

When picking out a style for your new exterior lighting fixtures, you need to take two things into account: your design scheme and the look of your actual house.

You want your house to reflect your style, but you also don’t want to pick out a fixture that is a direct contrast to the style of your home and winds up looking out of place.

  1. Color Isn’t Always Key

When it comes to design, color is usually everything.

Color doesn’t necessarily matter that much when choosing an outdoor lighting fixture.

Why? DIY! While you want everything on your home to more or less go together, most exterior lighting fixtures are a breeze to take apart and paint.

If you find a fixture you like that doesn’t come in quite the right shade, you can paint it to match the rest of your design scheme.

When painting an outdoor lighting fixture, you can’t just slap a coat of spray paint on it and call it a day. Remember, your new fixtures are going to need to be able to stand up to some nasty weather.

Make sure you prime your fixtures before painting them their final color, and that you invest in high-quality outdoor paint.

Finally, take the time to make sure you suitably protect any electrical components before you start painting. It doesn’t matter how good your new lighting fixtures look if they don’t work.

Exterior Lighting Fixtures

  1. How Bright Should it Be?

While lights can be decorative, their primary purpose is to brighten up an area. You want to make sure the exterior fixture you choose has the power to light up wherever you’re putting it.

On top of that, you need to remember that there is such a thing as having too much light. A lighting fixture that’s too bright, or the wrong temperature, can not only throw off your aesthetic, but it could also be downright annoying.

  1. Keeping it Clean

Even if they’re way off the ground, your outdoor lights are eventually going to need a little TLC.

After a few months, water spots, dirt, mold, and dead bugs could start to build-up on your lights. While this can look bad, appearances aren’t your only concern. If not properly maintained, your outdoor lights could eventually break.

Some lights are easier to maintain than others.

Most exterior lighting fixtures come with a glass case around the bulb. While this case can serve aesthetic purposes, it’s main reasons for being there is to protect the bulb inside.

Unfortunately, these glass cases can also be the primary reason for a build-up of debris or dead bugs inside the glass.

Before you buy a lighting fixture, you need to make sure it’s easy to open up and clean. You should be able to access every aspect of the light, so you can keep it looking and working at its best for years to come.

  1. Durability

If you’re going to put a light outside, you need to make sure it’s strong enough to take on the elements.

Your lights are going to have to endure everything, from high winds and thunderstorms to extreme temperatures. Your lighting fixtures may also come into contact with a few critters during their lifetime, which might cause some damage.

So, how do you make sure the light you pick is durable enough to withstand everything mother nature might throw at it? Check the label!

Lights that are capable of withstanding weather will have a label that says as much. You should also check to see what kind of temperatures the fixture you pick can handle and if they are shockproof.

Whatever your style or placement options might be, if your light isn’t able to handle being outside, you might as well throw your money away.

  1. Is Anything Off-Limits?

Does your neighborhood have a homeowner’s association?

If it does, then that one extra flashy lighting fixture you’ve been eyeing might be against the rules.

While an HOA may seem like a nuisance at times, it’s likely responsible for your neighborhood looking as clean and inviting as it does.

However, breaking the rules of your homeowner’s association could lead to hefty fines and even bar you from being able to sell your house.

So, before you start mounting lights, take a few moments to check your HOA’s guidelines one more time.

If you aren’t sure whether the fixtures you want are in line with the code, reach out to one of your HOA’s representatives.

They’ll be able to help you determine if you can hang a specific light, or even sign off on one that doesn’t fully follow the rules.

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Finding the Perfect Exterior Light for You

Finding the right exterior light can be tricky, but by following these tips you’ll already have a leg up on your plan.

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