Bistro Lights and Pergolas: Patio String Light Ideas to Brighten Up Your Backyard

Bistro Lights and Pergolas: Patio String Light Ideas to Brighten Up Your Backyard

From festive cocktail parties to your kid’s first T-ball game win, the backyard is a place to make memories. Do you want those photos to have a lackluster mud pit as their backdrop or a magazine-ready outdoor living space?

Some simple and inexpensive touches can make your backyard the oasis it was always meant to be. By putting together some wood and great lighting, you’ll have a family space that is as impressive as the rest of your home.

Here we give you our ideas on sprucing up your yard and making it fun with patio string light ideas to set the scene.

Setting the Scene for Relaxation and Fun

Before your patio becomes the talk of the town you have some renovations to do. A great way to section off the larger space of your yard is by using a pergola.

This is especially effective when you don’t already have a dedicated patio.

Is there a part of your lawn that never seems to grow in right? What about an unused corner that makes things tough to grow because of too much shade? These are great choices for a pergola and outdoor living space placement.

Churn up that shabby sod and xeriscape the space. Then fill it with some outdoor furniture. Hoist a pergola over the newly created room and now you’re ready for lighting.

Lucky for you we also have some amazing patio string light ideas for your newly built-out space.

A Whimsical Space

The best part about your backyard is you can have a little more fun with the decor. Create a whimsical environment by running string lights in crisscross patterns around the area.

You can also use fairy lights to dance around your pergola. These lights are reminiscent of those nights when you were a kid and you chased fireflies around the yard.

Add some fun decor accents and you can have a pirate’s hideaway or a mermaid lagoon.

Rustic Yet Sophisticated

Leave your pergola natural wood with string lights running along the naturally formed beams. Accent the space with firepits and a dimmer for a rustic and sophisticated back patio.

Add some hanging lanterns and chunky wood outdoor chairs to finish off the look. You can make s’mores, grill steaks and sip wine all in one place.

Make sure you remember to put a focal light over the cooking area so the chef can stay safe while grilling dinner.

Outdoor Dining at its Finest

Who said chandeliers only work inside your home? Create an inviting outdoor dining table with a strong central chandelier hanging from the pergola.

This is your opportunity to get that conversation light that you just couldn’t make work inside. To complete the look, hang string lights from the outside of the pergola going in towards the center to meet the main chandelier.

You and your guests will be bathed in the soft yellow glow of your makeshift tenting of light.

Create Ambiance with a Combo of String Lights and Moonlighting

We are experts in moonlighting your yard. Every inch will be perfectly kissed with what seems like natural moonlight. Make this scene even more romantic by using bistro string lights over the main seating arrangements.

It will be like you’re in Paris, but you don’t need to book the flight. Just grab a charcuterie board and your wine glasses and you have a romantic evening a few feet from your back door.

Make a Statement on a Budget by Helping a Small Space with String Lights

Even small outdoor living spaces can benefit from string lights. Wrap the outside of the pergola in light or run the lights around your newly obtained tiki bar to add a festive element.

If you only have a few trees then run string lights through them to give the appearance of an overhead structure. Playing with lights make your space seem larger and grander, even if it’s only a few square feet.

Elegant Transitions

Maybe you have a long walkway to get to the living space in your yard. Is it hard for guests to navigate their way?

By using string lights you can illuminate the path and make it an elegant transition from inside to outside. Connect the back door awning to the pergola out back using rows of string lights.

You could also plant posts along the walkway and string lights overhead. This creates an elegant tunnel effect. It’s almost like you’re being transported into a different world.

The backyard is the place where you can step up the drama and add a little more of the theatrical into your space with lights.

These Patio String Light Ideas Will Make Your Backyard Twinkle and Shine

We hope these ideas have given you some inspiration on how to bring some design and life into your backyard. Don’t let a portion of your property go unutilized simply due to a lack of know-how.

With a weekend and a vision, you can make your whole yard start working for you. These lights are a simple addition that can make a big statement.

Are you ready to take your outdoor living and landscape lighting to the next level? Let the professionals at Lighting Distinctionsplace their touch on your backyard. From patio string light ideas to full landscape lighting install, we make it happen.

Contact us today to schedule a complimentary consultation and make your outdoor spaces your favorite parts of the property.