Why Use Lighting Distinctions LEDS?

Why Lighting Distinctions for your LED lighting?

LED and LED lighting is not a one-size-fits all lighting solution. With exact electronic components, all LEDs are not equal. LED lights, bulbs and fixtures are purpose-made and will not function properly if used outside its intended application.

Although some LED products come with a list of applications, buying LED lighting fixtures at your local home depot in the greater San Diego area, might not work for your specific lighting requirements. Creating the desired atmosphere you are looking for is equally difficult.

Where it comes to LED lighting, Lighting Distinctions discourages San Diego home owners to go the DIY route for the reasons as follows:

  • LED fixtures designed for interior lighting cannot be used for exterior landscape lighting.
  • Specifically-designed LED outdoor lighting such as LED patio lighting is not necessarily applicable to LED pathway lighting or to light up walls and artwork.
  • LED lighting comes with a lumen-rating which is equivalent to that of wattage-rating. In creating the desired lighting effect, it is critical to use LEDs with the right lumen-rating.
  • LEDs differ in color and temperature, providing different lighting effects.
  • LED lighting comes with different beam angles that can create a variety of effects from spot lighting to flood lighting.
  • LED lighting comes in different designs and styles, from a standard shape where some LED bulbs can be fitted into the same sockets and fixtures of standard household lights to tube lighting, strip lighting, decorative lighting and reflector lighting.
  • Some LED lights do not typically run on AC voltage but require some form of transformer that will convert the voltage from AC to DC for proper operation.


The efficiency of LED lighting starts by assessing the desired objectives and operating environment. Furthermore, it depends greatly on the system design, usage of quality LED and materials. Another important factor is the system installation that requires specialized know-how.

LED Landscape and Outdoor Lighting

Lighting Distinctions specializes in LED Landscape and Outdoor Lighting for those in San Diego and the surrounding area. We use high quality, tested materials that are environmentally appropriate and fit-for-purpose. We also have the right technical knowledge ensuring effective design, proper application and durability. Our installation expertise comes with more than 25 years of experience. Hence we understand all types of environments and have the ability to tailor our installation to meet your requirements. In addition, we offer comprehensive after-sales service and maintenance. Therefore you can have complete peace of mind that your lighting system is in good hands.

For more information about our LED lighting services, please contact us and schedule your free home consultation. You can also connect with us on social media via our Facebook page. Like us and leave a comment, we’d love to hear from you.