Lighting Demo

Lighting Distinctions serves you every step of the lighting process and offers a free lighting demo for your review


When you come to Lighting Distinctions, you obtain a partner for every step of the process, from a free lighting demo to design, implementation and project completion – all part of lighting your business or home to your desire, inside and out.

free consultation & demo

Our lighting specialists are certified by the American Lighting Association. And, we have years of experience in interior lighting and landscape lighting. They will use their lighting expertise to guide you through the entire process. We begin with preliminary design layouts that specify products suited to your taste and budget. We work with licensed and insured installers, and we guarantee all of our work.

First, you should contact us for a free lighting estimate. You can either call us at 760-525-4405 or fill out this lighting questionnaire, and a customer service representative will give you a call.


After scheduling your appointment, we will meet with you to design your project to highlight key elements of your landscaping or home. We discuss your budget and pick either a demo or an installation date.


If you’d like to see what it’ll look like, we come to your home and set up temporary lights that will show you how your landscape or interior will look at night after our work is complete.


We implement lighting, wiring, and controllers at a time that is convenient for you. Our process is non-invasive and non-disruptive, and will not disturb you landscaping. After implementation of all the lights, transformers and wiring, we will set up the system to run after sunset so you can preview the system at night. At this point you can evaluate and revise the design by adding or subtracting lights, to better meet your needs.

Lighting demo

Finalisation and Tuning

Given your final approval, we complete the installation. Then, we come out at night to fine-tune the lighting for maximum effect. We show you the lighting controls and discuss system maintenance needs. Our goal is to make sure that you love your lighting and how it will make your home come alive at night.

As with all reputable businesses, our’s is built on referrals

Following project completion, recommend us to your friends and neighbors. We do numerous projects for friends and families.

You may also send us a message via our facebook page. We’d love to hear from you.