Types Of Lighting

Light up your residence with LIGHTING DISTINCTIONS

Lighting Distinctions is your go-to-lighting-resource in the greater San Diego area for all types of lighting for indoors, outdoors and landscape lighting requirements. We specialize in indoor, outdoor and landscape lighting. While we take care of the style and functionality your require, we also look for opportunities to help you save energy and cost.

With the right outdoor and landscape lighting, you can light up and enhance the prominence of your your residence while improving safety and security. Outdoor lighting also allows you to take advantage of your outdoor spaces after dark and add value to your home.

We only use high quality and appropriate indoor lights, landscape lights, outdoor fixtures, bulbs and lamps, transformers, controls and other lighting product components. Our services includes a complete range of indoor, outdoor, exterior and landscape lighting yet we also specialize in unique and particular or dedicated lighting. With us, you may choose single lighting or a combination of lighting solutions. We are able to source and find any type of lighting that you might require for your San Diego home.

Path Lights

We look for the perfect solution for illuminating pathways so you can step with confidence. Path lighting, also called Pathway Lighting enhances the beauty of your landscape by highlighting the curves, steps, and textures of your walkways.

Deck and Patio Lights

Light up your deck and patio with properly tuned LED lamps that draw attention to furniture and architectural elements. Your beautiful decking, stone work, and specially designed shapes will be accentuated and become a highlight of your living space. With the right deck and patio lights allow you to entertain in style after dark.

Accent Lights

Light up with accent lighting. It highlights important landscape elements such as sculptures and special features. We assist in the selection of accent lights that are perfect for bringing your garden and other outdoor areas to life.

Up Lights and Down Lights

Up and down lighting will truly transform your outdoor environment into a work of art. These systems engage a variety of techniques to create stunning effects that enhance the beauty of your landscape tapestry.

Moon Lights

Moon lights are glowing bulbs spaced along a neutral-colored wire. Light up and give a remarkable accent to railings, tree trunks, and eaves. Our high-quality moon lights come in numerous colors and are submersible, so they are perfect for pond, pool, or waterfall features.

Flood Lights

Flood lights provide bright illumination for highlighting a focal point such as a statue, and for illuminating larger areas where people gather.

Well Lights

These lights are recessed into the ground and project their beams upward, to up light waterfalls, trees, columns, and other architectural features. The well lights we provide are designed for their environment. They are waterproof, have corrosion-resistant canisters as well as rugged brass tops.

Wall Lights

Wall lights are used to create a special effect against an otherwise dark or monotone wall. This in itself can become a beautiful feature that creates just the right ambiance in a smaller garden. Light up walls uniquely by utilizing a variety of wall lights with different colored light bulbs as well as low voltage LED lights.

Underwater Lights and Pool Lights

These lights come in a wide variety of styles and colors to suit all possible needs. They include flood lamps for illuminating pools, and numerous other lamps for lighting waterfalls and other design elements. Illumination ranges from soft to strong, in multiple colors.

Exterior Decorative Lights

These lights include wall lamps and spot lights in many designs, globe string lights, lamps that fasten to tree trunks and colored lights that can be placed on shrubs, statues, and around windows or deck railings.

Fountains and Art Lights

We offer lights perfect for lighting up fountains and wall fountains. This brings tranquility and beauty to the exterior of any home. With brilliant up lighting, we make it stand out which create an even greater work of art.

LED Lights

Lighting Distinctions also focus on energy efficient lighting. In fact, in all possible areas, we investigate how to utilize LED and Low Voltage Lighting to help our customers to save energy, protect the environment while also saving electricity costs. Visit our LED section for more information on our services.

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