San Marcos Outdoor, Landscape, and Interior Lighting

San Marcos Outdoor, Landscape, and Interior Lighting

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Welcome to San Marcos’ #1 choice for interior and exterior lighting, Lighting Distinctions. Offering quality outdoor, exterior lighting and interior lighting for all San Marcos residential homes and businesses since 1992.

Whether you need modern LED kitchen lighting, architectural lighting, landscape lighting or lighting maintenance we can help. Get a free lighting demo and quote.

Lighting Distinctions has been providing quality residential lighting to San Marcos and surrounding areas for over 25 years.

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San Marcos pool and landscape lighting design experts

Our local lighting-design professionals have the experience and expertise to transform your home and landscape into a beautiful work of art. LED Landscape lighting, swimming pool lighting, path security lighting and other incredible lighting projects can be seen on our Landscape Lighting portfolio page.

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Get peace of mind hiring experienced residential lighting professionals.

Click the button below to view stunning photographs of our driveway lighting, kitchen island lighting, modern bathroom LED lighting and other projects on our Interior Lighting portfolio page. We can help make your interior lighting dreams come true.

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Live in the San Marcos area and would like to see what your backyard could look like? No problem, we come to your home and set up temporary lights that will show you how your landscape or interior lighting will look at night after our work is complete.

Are you in search of pool or landscape lighting in San Marcos? Look no further than the company that has been providing San Marcos landscape lighting service for over 25 years, Lighting Distinctions. We have experience in illuminating interior homes, landscapes, gazebos, water fountains, pools, entire backyards, and more. Take a moment to look over our testimonial or landscape lighting project portfolio page and see for yourself why Lighting Distinctions has been a trusted San Marcos CA landscape lighting company.

Our expert San Marcos landscape lighting design professionals have been working for years and have the ability to transform your exterior or interior into a masterpiece. You can see the unbelievable projects we have worked on during that time on our Landscape Lighting portfolio page, where you can get ideas for path security lighting, swimming pool lighting, and LED landscape lighting.

If you are trying to transform your backyard from an ordinary piece of land, into a dynamic outdoor oasis, there is no better way than going with low voltage residential LED landscape lighting. Enjoying the gorgeous weather in San Marcos means that you can have fun in your backyard all year long.

You will not only be adding a sense of beauty and warmth to your home with outdoor landscape lighting, but you can also add value. Residential exterior lighting will make your yard pop and add a sense of security to your home.

Whether you are looking to light up your yard for safety reasons, or to add your own personal touch to your back deck or front porch, you can get what you want with outdoor landscape lights. You can illuminate your garden during the night or install moonlight fixtures so you can have a late night stroll. You can even light up your patio or deck during those warm summer evenings spent with family, friends, and of course, wine. Keep the party going for long into the night with low voltage LED landscape lighting by making sure your gazebo or pool is lit up, beautiful, and accident-free.

When you decide to personalize the exterior of your San Marcos home, it is important to take your time in choosing which outdoor lighting fixtures you want to use. There are many different styles and design options to choose from, and can range from contemporary to classic, which is ideal for quelling your LED outdoor lighting concerns. Paying attention to small details can mean the difference between a regular house and your home.

Our main specialty at Lighting Distinctions has been residential lighting, particularly residential outdoor lighting. Because of this, we like to remind our customers that one of the most overlooked factors in choosing LED exterior light fixtures is safety. We know that our customers want a safe home, and the best way to circumvent break-ins and car theft is by having a well-lit yard. LED outdoor flood lights are perfect for this. Residential LED lighting will fill your yard with light, alleviating safety concerns and adding to your yard’s aesthetics.

Another smart choice to make is security lights. You can keep your front and garage door well-lit when you come home after dark from work by installing LED security lighting. In fact, putting outdoor security lighting in place can thwart would-be criminals from even setting foot on your property.

Perhaps the best thing about living in San Marcos and its surrounding area is the wonderful weather we experience almost daily. Southern Californians are blessed in that they get to enjoy year-round warm weather, which means more outdoor parties. If you want to entertain after dusk, patio lighting will help get you there. Add a certain style to your backyard with outdoor patio lights, while at the same time not giving the impression that everyone is gathered in front of a giant spotlight. LED patio lights are like all other LED lights in that they are cost-friendly and can even cut your electricity bill by 90%. They shine brighter and last longer than their counterparts.

One of the most magical experiences you can ever enjoy is sitting on the porch at night under a clear, moonlit sky. You can have that feeling every night if you choose. Moonlight fixtures are both sturdy and weatherproof. We can make sure that the lights are not too noticeable, allowing you to perfectly recreate an evening under the stars. As moonlighting professionals, you can be assured that we will make your back yard shine.

Maybe your backyard is a little different, and you could possibly benefit from gazebo lights, outdoor walkway lights, or outdoor garden lights. You can show off your beautiful foliage and plant life with outdoor LED garden lights for your guests, or just for yourself, at any hour of the day if you choose.

What can be more perfect than sitting in your gazebo with your favorite person in the world, holding hands and chatting about your future together? With outdoor LED landscape lighting, you can make that moment as magical as you can imagine, capturing the romance.

Being from San Marcos CA, there is probably a high likelihood that you own a swimming pool. Swimming is a great way to beat the heat, and swimming at night can be just as fun. However, you need to make sure that you can see if you decide on an evening dip, and swimming pool LED lights are a great way to do that. Placing LED pool lights around the area, including on the outline border, will let everyone know where the boundaries are. We can provide you with above ground pool lights, or LED underwater pool lights depending on what you own. You can even put them in your hot tub! You can completely change the look of your pool with swimming pool LED lights, and they come in a variety of colors and styles to suit anyone’s needs.

If you have any outdoor LED illumination concerns, Lighting Distinctions is here to help satisfy your queries. You can read views and watch testimonial videos at our Testimonials Page. There, past clients will let you know about what we can do for you, and you can get a free online consultation.

Let us take your San Marcos home to new levels with exterior landscape lighting as you have dreamed about. Call us at 760-525-4405 or fill out our Contact Form and one of our representatives can help you with your questions. We look forward to helping you with all of your San Marcos CA outdoor lighting needs.