Landscape Lighting Benefits

Landscape lighting – from safety to functionality


Safety at night, for your family and guests, is always an important factor. While lighting the entrances and walkways of your garden makes for great aesthetics, it is also crucial for safe walking. Lighting Distinctions uses the highest quality path lights to make sure walkways are clearly lit and safe for anyone, young and old to venture outside into the San Diego night.


Security is increasingly becoming an important aspect in lighting up homes and businesses. We install security lighting in dark areas near your home or office, so you can sleep a little bit easier at night. Effective security lighting allows you to see the faces of visitors at your door. It also provides enough illumination to deter potential criminals.

The Value Landscape Lighting offers

Having a professionally designed and installed illumination system for the exterior of your residence and landscape increases the value of your property significantly in San Diego and the surrounding area. On its own it becomes a huge selling point. Let Lighting Distinctions’ design team develop a system to light up your residence in the way you envision. Call us today for your free home consultation.


Landscape lighting brings the best out in and around your home by focusing on particular points. Architectural details, trees, and water features such as fountains are areas we love to light up. You will be amazed to see the difference the right lighting can make.


Lighting Distinctions also specializes in creating just the right ambiance you desire, indoors and outdoors. We bring your landscape to life with ambiance lighting and create character and mood by adding a soft glow to your outdoor living areas.

Curb Appeal

The right landscape lighting provides a warm impression that can set your home apart from the rest of properties in the greater San Diego area. We can turn a usual looking house into a magnificent looking residence. If you rather want to highlight only specific features of your home, we do that in a unique way that will draw just the right attention.

Utility and functionality of landscape lighting

A properly illuminated exterior and landscape allows you to entertain and enjoy your outdoor living space. Lighting up the kitchen, dining area, patios, decks, pools, fountains and garden enlarges your living space. It allows for extended visits and gatherings with family and friends late into the evening or till early morning hours.