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Welcome to La Jolla’s #1 choice for interior and exterior lighting, Lighting Distinctions. Offering quality outdoor, exterior lighting and interior lighting for all La Jolla residential homes and businesses since 1992. Whether you need modern LED kitchen lighting, architectural lighting, landscape lighting or lighting maintenance we can help. Get a free lighting demo and quote. Providing quality residential lighting to La Jolla and surrounding areas for over 25 years.

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Our local lighting-design professionals have the experience and expertise to transform your home and landscape into a beautiful work of art. LED Landscape lighting, swimming pool lighting, path security lighting and other incredible lighting projects can be seen on our Landscape Lighting portfolio page.

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Live in La Jolla and would like to see what it’ll look like? No problem, we come to your home and set up temporary lights that will show you how your landscape or interior lighting will look at night after our work is complete.

Want to make your outdoor landscaping look even more fabulous than it is? Then you need to upgrade or start an exterior lighting protocol. It does not matter what size home you have, or how much acreage you have, every property can take advantage of fabulous residential lighting and bring your landscaping from dull to dynamic.

Here are a few tips that Lighting Distinctions has no matter which style of exterior lighting you choose. Also remember, living in a beautiful place like the La Jolla, CA area, you can try more than one technique in your yard.

For all of the different ways you can use outdoor landscape lighting, remember:

  • Do not overdo your landscape lights. A little light goes a long way. Do not go for the airport runway look.
  • Research why LED landscape lighting is the best there is.
  • When looking to create effects against trees or walls, use multiple light sources.
  • Be sure to talk with the lighting experts in La Jolla, such as Lighting Distinctions. We know a thing or two about residential outdoor lighting.
  • Ask about the benefits of low voltage LED landscape lighting

Here are some additional and more specific ways to make full use of residential exterior lighting when you want your outdoors to look as good as your interior.

For the steps leading up to your deck area, use step and brick lights, which can be used in wood construction and masonry. Fixtures such as these are specifically used as safety lights and for accent lighting. Outdoor patio lights can also be used on the patio or around the perimeter.

The same fixtures can be created for gazebo lights. This type of outdoor LED gazebo lighting gives a warm glow to an area where you like to hang out. By lighting up areas such as decks, patios and gazebos, your LED outdoor lighting can look like nothing you have seen anywhere else.

You can make use of sconce lighting, which can be placed on the wall above each step to provide proper illumination. If there is one thing you want to bring to your residential lighting, it is a feeling of safety when you are gathered outdoors, especially in the evenings. Patios, decks, and the like are popular places to gather family and friends, so make your outdoor patio lighting bright enough to illuminate these critical areas, by using led patio lights.

Everyone loves seeing house entrances that seem to beckon you in. By upgrading your entry, you will be adding instant curb appeal, especially for nighttime visitors.

You probably already have outdoor porch lights, but you can transform your front door with the use of beautiful LED exterior light fixtures. One of the ways to do this is by upgrading with garage door lights, such as wall lanterns. These make a nice addition to whatever type of outdoor light fixtures you already have at your entryway. Done right, these types of lantern fixtures call attention to your home’s architecture and can complement your landscaping lighting.

Lights at your front entrance can be either wall sconces or hanging pendants. If your entrance is flanked by transom windows or other stylized glass areas, your wall sconces and other lighting should be large enough and bright enough to make a statement.

If you have a garden or flower beds, shrubbery, and borders, these are perfect areas for outdoor garden lights. There is nothing that looks better in your landscaping design than to accentuate these spaces.

For pathways, you can stagger lighting, and remember not to place walkway lights too close together. You can also place these lights within flower beds or shrubbery, staggering the looks of them by alternating the spots you place them in. Do not forget to emphasize your entire landscape design when you buy LED garden lights or other outdoor walkway lights.

Uplighting (which lights an area of your landscaping from below) works as well for your landscaping as it does for an area or a surface you wish to call attention to. Smaller garden trees look particularly atmospheric when you light them up from the front, leaving the areas behind them relatively dark. The contrast looks great when combined with other outdoor garden lights. Whenever you are looking to create a focal point in your design, be sure to remember uplighting. The effects can be as dramatic as you wish them to be.

Whenever you have an interesting object that you wish to dramatize, use silhouetting. This could be a solitary tree, an ornate fountain, a gateway or something else, but when you use an outdoor floodlight or spotlight in-between the object and your house, this will create a one-of-a-kind effect.

Aim the spotlight towards the house to create the backlit effect. For areas where there are large objects, this is one way to show off in a dynamic fashion.

Another fabulous affect you can make on the trees, artwork, gazebos, or any part of your backyard is through the use of moon lighting. It works just like it sounds, by shining a light in a way that makes it seem like there is a full moon all month long. By installing a moon light fixture above an area you wish to highlight, you will create a tranquil atmosphere that is extremely pleasant to look at and is an artistic way to play with shadows.

If you would like to emphasize a particular area of your home, one that is made of ornate stone or some other natural material, you can do this by wall washing. Exterior house lights or exterior LED flood lights are used here and are placed all along the front of the home to create a soft wash of light.

Nothing too harsh, just a gentle splash of light which continually lights up a particular area of your home. It is both very effective and very impressive.

There are diverse ways to light up your pool area. Whether you want above ground pool lights or LED underwater pool lights, you can have each of these installed for a genuine, original look.

A LED pool light will also extend out to the walkways and garden pathways close by.

Outdoor walkway lights can be used to illuminate the walkway areas all around your pool. It will be hard to find something as stylish after dark, as the atmosphere created by well-designed swimming pool LED lights.

One of the most important aspects of exterior lighting has to do with lights for security purposes. LED security lighting can be used to brighten up dark corners and to alert you to anyone who has come onto your property. There is no better way to thwart a potential criminal than by putting LED security flood lights at various places in your yard.

Outdoor security lighting will often come with an app, so you can not only check your premises, but schedule when these types of landscape lights will turn on and off. Even just one LED outdoor flood light can do wonders for the security of your La Jolla home.

Residential exterior lighting not only creates effects on your property, but it also welcomes people to your home. Get in touchwith Lighting Distinctions for information or ideas about exterior lighting for your La Jolla, CA home.