Lighting Controls

Control your lights

Control your lights from the palm of your hand

Control the lights of your living space! We enable you to light your home, outdoors and entire landscape from the palm of your hand. Whether switching lights on and off, turning lights up or dimming them down, you can have complete control.  With smart lighting control, you can change the look and atmosphere of your San Diego residence while ensuring safety and security when you return after a night out. This smart functionality allows you to switch on an off lighting whenever you want, wherever you are. Lighting Distinctions’ smart lighting gives you full control of your lighting system while helping you save energy and cost.

Control your living space

Getting smart lighting control, Lighting Distinctions hook up your iPhone™ or Android™ smart phone system to your house, outdoor and landscape lighting system. We do this according to your requirements. From basic functions including switching (on/off) and dimming (raise/lower) to automated lighting for energy savings and security. You can choose the level of lighting control you want for your living space in San Diego and the surrounding area.

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