Black Mountain Ranch Outdoor, Landscape, and Interior Lighting

Black Mountain Ranch Outdoor, Landscape, and Interior Lighting

Black Mountain Ranch Interior & Landscape Lighting

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Welcome to Black Mountain Ranch’s #1 choice for interior and exterior lighting, Lighting Distinctions. Offering quality outdoor, exterior lighting and interior lighting for all Black Mountain Ranch residential homes and businesses since 1992.

Whether you need modern LED kitchen lighting, architectural lighting, landscape lighting or lighting maintenance our team can help. Get a free lighting demo and quote today.

Lighting Distinctions has been providing quality residential lighting to Black Mountain Ranch and surrounding areas for over 25 years.

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Our local lighting-design professionals have the experience and expertise to transform your home and landscape into a beautiful work of art. LED Landscape lighting, swimming pool lighting, path security lighting and other incredible lighting projects can be seen on our Landscape Lighting portfolio page.

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Live in Black Mountain Ranch and would like to see what your lighting will look like? No problem, we come to your home and set up temporary lights that will show you how your landscape or interior lighting will look at night after our work is complete.

Because we live in Southern California, taking the time to make sure you have an outdoor lighting scheme to be proud of is important for your Black Mountain Ranch home. You can improve your property in a variety of ways when the right lighting is in place.

You can make your front entrance a real focal point of your home with residential exterior lighting. You can ensure that your front door is always lit well, and give you an entryway that you can be proud of.

One simple thing that you can do is place one or two wall sconces on the sides of your front door. Using this kind of exterior lighting will give you peace of mind knowing your day is well-lit and also safe. It also helps to create a welcoming atmosphere that is sure to appeal to any guests that might be coming for a visit. However, when choosing lights for your entryway, you should know that your lights should not measure more than one-fourth the height of your door.

You might also want to include overhead lighting into your Black Mountain Ranch outdoor lighting plan as it is guaranteed to spread light around effectively.

If you are trying to choose wall or pendant lighting, make sure that your LED exterior light fixtures complement each other. The most important thing is that the entryway space is illuminated, which can be achieved with either pendant lights or sconces. The last thing you want to do is choose fixtures that do a poor job of lighting your doorway.

Transform any outdoor space, no matter if it is a small backyard or a large plot of land, with outdoor landscape lighting. Your Black Mountain Ranch home can be greatly impacted with a few well placed low-voltage LED landscape lights and can turn your home into a softly lit paradise. You can also use accent lights that are cost-effective and easy to install if you want to add to what you already have.

Chances are you have come up with a lot of new and fun ideas for changing the look of the exterior of your home, especially when it comes to lighting. Do not be afraid to start small, because it is easy to upgrade residential lighting. For example, maybe start with a couple of outdoor patio lights, or purchase a transformer that can handle more wattage to the plan that you have in your head. The more that you to take on in the future, the more you can install additional lighting like LED patio lights or walkway lights that are compatible with your transformer.

For most houses, areas like covered porches, pergolas, gazebos, and patios are purely for function, sometimes looks. However, adding some gazebo lights will make those areas shine, enhancing them into areas people will love to relax in. By adding walkway lights or outdoor LED gazebo lighting lets people know where they are supposed to be or can create a relaxing space for you to unwind by yourself. You can instantly take any space to the next level with the right patio lighting, especially ones that are easy to install and are low cost.

Any area can benefit from LED garden lights. You can take your covered porch and make it into a place to sit on summer evenings by simply adding an LED outdoor lighting fixture or outdoor porch lights. You do not have to have bright lights, simple lights with soft tones are enough to take your outdoor space to the next level.

Unfortunately, one area that many homeowners neglect is adding proper lighting around their swimming pools, putting themselves and their families at risk. You can incredibly lessen the probability of an accident at night by adding just one LED pool light to illuminate the area. Luckily, it is also a great way to enhance your backyard party. Putting in above ground pool lights or LED underwater pool lights means that you can keep your summer party going late into the evening, while also protecting yourself while walking near your pool at night.

There is a lot more to LED security lighting then just having bright lights in your yard. You want to reduce the number of darkened areas in your yard and beyond, while having uniformity in your lighting scheme. There is no better way to keep your family safe that well-placed security lights.

Take your Black Mountain Ranch home and turn it into the personal space you have always wanted it to be with Lighting Distinctions. Highlight areas of your exterior that you are proud of, improve the safety of your home, and become the party host that you want to be by adding effective and classy exterior lights to any area of your house.

Contact Lighting Distinctions today. We can help give you inspiration or take the plans in your hard and start to turn them into reality. We look forward to learning how we can change your house into a home with outdoor landscape lighting.