Art Lighting

The Art of Art Lighting, Indoors and Out

Great art deserves great lighting. Lighting Distinctions provides the design and installation technicians who will engage high-quality, low-key fixtures to create distinctive art lighting displays for each piece, indoors and out.

The display lighting should dovetail with the art, be it a portrait, finely crafted cornice, sculpted evergreen, fountain, or waterfall. Art deco lighting will differ from modernist lighting. Your fountain wants lighting that enhances its design, as well as the rhythms of water. Your waterfall will require its own display.

We understand how art transforms your house into your home. As in any gallery, proper art lighting is crucial. Lighting Distinctions provides a wide range of wall lights, picture lights, and art fixtures to showcase all your fine art. After the sun sets, your outdoor art will continue to shine. Inside, your art will impress at all hours.